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The Hacking UI Podcast - with Sagi Shrieber & David Tintner

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The Hacking UI podcast is hosted by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner, a designer and developer who are also both entrepreneurs, bloggers, productivity/time-hacking maniacs, and all around tech geeks. The first season of the podcast is titled ‘Scaling a Design Team’, in which they speak withRead more

Popular episodes

#35 Ran Segall (Full stack designer & creator, Prospero) - Love what you do, take massive action, and prosper.

May 11 • 50:45

Episode #35: Ran Segall


#34 David Kadavy (Bestselling Author & Host, Love Your Work) - How well are we connecting with our curiosity?

May 3 • 54:27

Episode #34: David Kadavy


#33 Yasmine Evjen (Design Advocate, Google) - What is design if not a way to tell a story

Mar 16 • 52:24

Episode #33: Yasmine Evjen It is our pleasure to present to you the inspiring Yasmine Evjen (that's ev-Yan) - Design Advocate at Google, a storyteller and (previously) a Co-host at ...

#32 Quincy Larson (Founder and educator, freeCodeCamp) - The value of free education and building communities

Mar 8 • 55:17

Episode #32: Quincy Larson Today we had the pleasure of talking to Quincy Larson - Founder and educator at "...

#31 Brad Frost (Founder, Atomic Design) - Breaking down design systems to atomic elements

Mar 1 • 01:03:01

Episode #31: Brad Frost We are honored to have with us today, the inspiring Brad Frost, Founder and inventor of the "...

#30 Jason Ogle (Founder, - Don't be a "tooler", but a learner

Feb 22 • 01:17:16

Episode #30: Jason Ogle Our guest today is a fellow podcaster, the amazing Jason Ogle, Founder and host of ...

#29 Noah Kagan (Founder, - Have fun, create value and do it consistently

Feb 15 • 59:15

Episode #29: Noah Kagan Our guest today is the inspiring Noah Kagan, Founder, and Chief-Sumo at ...

#28 Samuel Hulick (Founder, - Find a niche you love, specialize, succeed

Feb 8 • 01:05:02

Episode #28: Samuel Hulick Our guest today is none other than Samuel Hulick, Founder of ...

#27 Maria Giudice (Former VP, Experience Design, Autodesk) - Designing to reinvent the future, and leading a cultural change in your organization

Feb 1 • 57:17

Episode #27: Maria Giudice It is our pleasure to present to you Maria Giudice, Former VP, Experience Design at ...

#26 Keenan Cummings (Design Lead, Airbnb) - Finding Your Product's Level of Readiness and Manifesting Design systems

Jan 25 • 54:20

Episode #26: Keenan Cummings Our guest today is the inspiring Keenan Cummings, Team Leader at ...

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