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NBC Sports national NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh sits down with some of the biggest names in the NBA to share the stories and the numbers behind the biggest games and biggest moments in the league. New episodes drop every Friday during the NBA season.
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Best Episodes

Episode 34: NBC’s Doug Christie on guarding Kobe Bryant and fighting Rick Fox

Jan 17, 2020

" Doug Christie Rick Fox Vs "



What was it like guarding Kobe Bryant? Doug Christie, who was named to the NBA’s all-defensive team four teams, revealed the secrets to stopping Kobe. Christie also gave a blow-by-blow description of his fight with Rick Fox. Christie, who is now the Sacramento Kings analyst for NBC SportsRead more

Stephen Curry’s trainer on the Jamal Murray comparisons

Sep 25, 2020

"Steph Curry’s trainer compares Herro and Murray to a duck"


What does Stephen Curry think about the Jamal Murray comparisons? Brandon Payne, Curry’s trainer and the founder of Accelerate Basketball, discusses whether the comparisons are valid. Plus Payne gives an update on Curry’s offseason workouts and reveals why he decided to bulk up.3:55 How Steph isRead more

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Episode 35: Exclusive reunion of Run TMC (Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin)

Jan 24, 2020

" End of RUN TMC Part 2"


Why did Run TMC end after just two seasons? Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin sat down with Tom Haberstroh at NBC Sports Bay Area headquarters to discuss the highs and lows of playing in Don Nelson’s fast-paced offense. 1:34 What made Run TMC special 7:12 The origin of the Run TMCRead more

Episode 3: Ethan Strauss

Dec 21, 2018

"NBA data analysts finding all the inefficiencies"


Tom talks to Ethan Strauss of The Athletic about the intricacies of betting on the NBA, why coaches care so much about betting lines, Ethan’s piece on the bizarre and lonely life of an NBA advance scout and the idea that Steph could get better as he gets more tired. Plus, the quasi-debut of TheRead more
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