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The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast with Marie Wold

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The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast is the ultimate resource for ambitious women. Join us for unfiltered discussions about entrepreneurship, wellness, confidence, personal development, wealth building, and so much more. Along with her world-renowned guests, Marie combines the power of inspiration withRead more

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How To Get More of What You Want in Life Using Proven Marketing Strategies with Copywriter Kaili Meyer

Aug 11 • 45:12

I’ve been thinking about how sales principles, sales psychology, and proven marketing strategies show up in our lives aside from business. I am joined by Kaili Meyer, a copywriter and marketing educator in today’s episode. We have a spicy conversation all about buyer’s psychology, communicating effectively on an empathetic and compassionate level, and showing up as your un...

Essential Mindset Shifts for Reaching Your Goals with Kasey Orvidas

Jul 28 • 54:49

If you’ve been in the online entrepreneurship and coaching space for a hot minute, you know that everyone who has been where you want to go stresses the importance of mindset. Whether you’re just starting your coaching business from scratch or you want to get fully booked out, mindset is essential for reaching your goals. Joining me today is Kasey Orvidas, a certified heal...

Instagram Just Announced Major Changes-- Here’s What You Need to Know Now

Jul 15 • 17:19

In case you haven’t heard, Instagram has announced that the app is not going to prioritize photo sharing. This major Instagram announcement continues to say that the app is going to focus on video, shopping, messaging, and creators instead. Before you freak out and hit the panic button, these changes aren’t as bad as you might think. In today’s episode, I am sharing how th...

My 6 Hot Takes on Online Entrepreneurship

Jun 30 • 38:14

If you’ve been following me for a minute, you know I don’t sugarcoat things. You know that I don’t have a problem with a little tough love moment and I definitely do not beat around the bush. So when I saw the “hot takes” trend making its rounds on Instagram Reels and TikTok, I knew I wanted to share my hot takes on online entrepreneurship. These 6 hot takes are opinions a...

3 Simple Sales Hacks for Maximizing your Impact + Income

Jun 23 • 24:49

I love sales. It’s a crucial part of business because if you’re not making sales, you’re not making money. You're also not helping people to the extent that you could be. The ugly truth is if you aren’t making sales, you don’t have a business. What you have instead is a hobby. My goal for you is to help you feel empowered and educated about the sales process and the strate...

How I Manage Anxiety as a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

Jun 9 • 45:06

I always keep it real and tell you like it is, and I’m not afraid to admit that I struggle and that I’m imperfect. In this episode, I share my vulnerabilities and specifically, I talk about how I manage my anxiety as a 7-figure entrepreneur. The experiences and tools I share are entirely based on my own experience. In no way, shape or form are these prescriptions for how i...

How Industry Leaders Get Clients Results with Sabrina Philipp

Jun 2 • 43:40

You know I’m always talking about the value of having strategy and support from a mentor. So this week, I’m excited to have a conversation with my mentor of two years, Sabrina Philipp. You’ll hear all about the results I've seen in my business and how Sabrina and I have worked together. More importantly, we really focus our conversation on what it is that allows industry l...

Secrets to Scaling Your Business

May 26 • 36:22

I’ve successfully doubled my business year after year for the last four years. This isn’t something that happened by chance, but it’s a result I’ve attained through strategy. Which means that with the proper knowledge and execution, you can double your business year after year as well....

A 7-Figure CEO’s Advice on Overwhelm, Organization, Imposter Syndrome, and Success

May 5 • 44:15

I’m in the business of giving you exactly what you want on this podcast. So today, I’m opening up the floor to you and your burning questions. Consider this our “pick Marie’s brain” coffee date, where you get to ask a 7-figure CEO for advice on obstacles and progress such as imposter syndrome, overwhelm, organization, and success....

3 Ways to Stand Out as an Online Coach NOW

Apr 29 • 33:22

I know what it’s like to be a frustrated online coach. I also know what it’s like to look out on the social media landscape only to feel overwhelmed by how saturated the market is. Plus, since you’re here, I KNOW that having a successful online coaching business is important to you. ...

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