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The Green Room


The Green Room by Deloitte tackles a tricky question about the world around us every two weeks. From automation anxiety to zero waste, we’ll call on clever experts and great research from our firm and beyond to find the answer.

Popular episodes

Episode #36: How do you start a movement?

Nov 9 • 46:53

Many of us are trying to change something. No matter who we are or where we live, we want to make our corner of the world a little bit better for those around us....

Episode #35: How do we create work that’s good for our wellbeing?

Oct 5 • 45:18

Hybrid working. It sounds like the shiny solution to what the future of work is going to look like. But we wouldn’t blame you if you felt part excited, part wondering how it’s all going to work.​...

Episode #34: What does it take to trust a business?

Aug 3 • 50:32

Trust. It can be hard to define, but we all know how it feels. They say it takes a long time to build and a short time to lose.   ...

Episode #33: What’s the secret to performing at your best?

Jul 13 • 45:28

Many of us can relate to taking pride in performing to the highest level we’re capable of. Writing the best essay we can at school. Running that 5k in the park against the clock every Saturday. Nailing our first 100 days in the new job, even if we’re still learning. Doing the best we can – every single day....

Episode #32: Can a business make money and do good at the same time?

Jun 29 • 55:28

What does it mean to be responsible? There’s no right answer. In fact, it’s easy to get it wrong....

Episode #31: Should my next car be electric?

Jun 8 • 39:51

Vehicles running on clean electricity for miles. It seemed like something out of a movie – until it wasn’t.​...

Episode #30: Are women rewriting the rules?

Mar 2 • 55:58

We’ve seen female leaders applauded for their responses to the global pandemic. Female activists driving the agenda on climate change, period poverty and everything in between. And laws being reformed in support of gender equality all around the world....

Episode #29: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Feb 2 • 42:51

We’re all looking for a little hope at the moment. Since we launched The Green Room two years ago, we’ve seen the world around us change in so many ways....

Episode #28: Does the way we bank leave some people behind?

Jan 12 • 47:10

They say money makes the world go round. And it’s not untrue. At the very least, it keeps our washing machines going round, the wheels on our cars spinning and the hours you clock in at work ticking....

Episode #27: Is technology our planet’s best hope?

Nov 24 • 48:52

It’s hard to think of a part of our lives that isn’t impacted by technology. It’s made our world more connected. Our work easier to do. Limitless choice at our fingertips. But it’s also contributed to a society that consumes more resources than ever before. We replace instead of repair. We upgrade instead of keep. We follow trends rather than embrace the timeless....

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