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Welcome to The Great Canadian Woman Podcast! The Great Canadian Woman makes waves, she moves mountains and blazes trails to light the way for others and demonstrates with integrity what’s possible for you, too. HERE is where we raise the frequency of Canada, one woman at a time. Get ready toRead more

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165 - Opportunity Awaits

Jul 28 • 14:15

A final farewell, our final episode! A new chapter awaits and we hope you'll join us September 14th for the launch of SHE SPEAKS by The Great Canadian Woman Podcast & Blog! Interested in becoming a contributor? Apply here 👉

164. Uncomfortable Conversations Episode 5 Andrea Henry

Jul 23 • 01:43:29

Beautiful people, welcome to our final episode of the uncomfortable conversation series featuring my lawyer for both of my businesses, Andrea Henry. If I wrote Andrea’s bio it would describe her as being a heart-centred, sassy, classy, driven AF woman on a mission to make waves in the world of female owned business. I feel so safe knowing Andrea is in our corner here at Th...

ALL CALL! We want to feature YOU on The Great Canadian Woman!

Jul 14 • 07:32

Today's episode is quick one ya'll.  Over at The Great Canadian Woman we are getting ready to close out Season 3 of the podcast, what a season it has been! We've got just a few announcements for you all before we do that!...

Uncomfortable Conversations Episode 4 Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Jul 7 • 01:20:12

Today's episode of Uncomfortable Conversations features Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz, a wife, mama, a creative maven, energetic lightworker, and a visionary at heart....

Uncomfortable Conversations Episode 3 Crystal Hardy

Jun 30 • 01:33:53

Today's episode of Uncomfortable Conversations features Crystal "Zee" Hardy, an Anishnawbe-kwe and hand drummer from Bliinjitiwabik Zaaging Anishnabek in Northern Ontario. Crystal’s Spirit name is Zongwe Binesikwe, which means Sounding Thunderbird Woman....

Uncomfortable Conversations Episode 2 - Svetlana Chernienko

Jun 23 • 01:32:20

Today's episode features Svetlana Chernienko. This woman is raw power, with a mega beautiful heart and a massive voice for so many. She is a Canadian and American Mental Health advocate, Activist, Mother, Model, writer, businesswoman. She is also an advocate for anti-bullying and domestic violence and of the #Metoo movement, a supporter of the LGBTQ Foundation and Women’s...

Uncomfortable Conversations Episode 1 with Sherley Joseph

Jun 16 • 02:19:15

Today’s episode features Sherley Joseph, incredible Mama, wife, Podcast host and Creator of Black Canadian Content Creators A podcast to showcase digital or analog creators who identify as Black, African, Caribbean or Mixed in Canada or Black Canadians living and creating abroad....

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