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The Gospel and Mental Health


My name is David Morgan. I'm a licensed psychologist and lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ has many solutions to mental health issues. Join me and my amazing wife as we talk about mental health, parenting, relationships,Read more

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#11 Prioritizing Your Life

Mar 13 • 27:43

In this episode Dr. Morgan and his wife discuss setting appropriate priorities. Most are familiar with resources such as time and money being limited, but we also need to understand that resources such as physical or emotional stamina are limited as well. They talk about the analogy of fitting rocks, pebbles, and sand into a jar, and how the proper "filling" can help us fi...

#9: Anxiety Lessons Learned From the Prophet Jacob

Jan 29 • 29:39

#8: The Power of Attitude

Jan 10 • 29:38

#7: Common mental health questions

Dec 5 • 27:24

#6: Enduring and improving: thoughts on COVID-19

Nov 17 • 30:39

#5: Choosing to do difficult things

Oct 7 • 25:59

#4: Pros and cons of having a large family (or why we chose to have six kids :)

Jul 9 • 26:17

#3: Unacceptable vs. undesirable outcomes; tips to reduce anxiety

Jun 8 • 25:58

#2: Improving Your Marriage Through Regular Dating

May 28 • 28:45

Don't Have Anxiety About Having Anxiety

Feb 9 • 26:29

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