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goop CEO and founder Gwyneth Paltrow and longtime goop collaborator Erica Chidi, CEO and cofounder of LOOM, take turns hosting the brightest thinkers and culture changers.

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Gwyneth Paltrow x Jay Shetty: Becoming the Next Iteration of Yourself

Nov 23 • 42:36

“The relationship you have with yourself will always be the best relationship you could ever have in the world,” says Jay Shetty. The purpose coach and author of Think Like a Monk joined GP on stage at In goop Health. They talked about redirection, finding stillness in discomfort, and why knowing ourselves intimately gives us more grace to engage with others....

How Do We Play as Adults?

Nov 16 • 33:45

Intimacy coach Amina Peterson (one of the featured experts on our Netflix show Sex, Love & goop) wants us to acknowledge that sex is how we play as adults. And she wants us to expand what we think of as sex and play. Peterson shares practices that combine lightness and playfulness with admiration and adoration. These acts remind us that sacred is not synonymous with seriou...

Gwyneth Paltrow x Darshana Avila: Why Do We Diminish Our Sexual Selves?

Nov 9 • 01:01:02

Darshana Avila—one of the featured experts in our new Netflix show, Sex, Love & goop—describes herself as an erotic wholeness coach. She believes that many of us have been conditioned to compartmentalize or fragment pieces of ourselves. And so often, it’s the sexual piece that is most siloed. Through her work, Avila helps us to look at and embrace the full spectrum of ours...

Nice Racism

Nov 2 • 51:44

Robin DiAngelo is a lecturer on issues of racial and social justice and the bestselling author of White Fragility. In her most recent book, Nice Racism, she explores why well-meaning White progressives perceive themselves as being past racism—and why this has devastating consequences. In today’s episode with Erica Chidi, the pair share strong and soft tools for engaging in...

Why Happiness Isn’t in Your Head

Oct 26 • 37:52

Samantha Boardman is a psychiatrist who focuses on optimism, building resilience, and mental well-being. Her new book, Everyday Vitality, explores how to find strength amid daily stressors. Today, she joins Erica Chidi to talk about the three keys to cultivating vitality, and she shares her tips for managing micro-stressors and what to do the next time you find yourself ru...

Gwyneth Paltrow x Jaiya: What’s Your Erotic Blueprint?

Oct 21 • 59:40

“Every cell in our body is wired for pleasure,” says somatic sexologist and educator Jaiya. “And I believe pleasure is our birthright and it’s part of what brings us our liveliness and our connection and our intimacy with this world and with life.” In this special episode with GP, Jaiya—who is one of the experts on our new Netflix show, Sex, Love & goop—explains why she be...

Making Peace with Yourself

Oct 12 • 46:21

“Healing is like my middle name,” says Alexandra Elle, author of After the Rain: Gentle Reminders of Healing, Courage, and Self-Care. Elle joins Erica Chidi to talk about what it means to nurture your inner child and find a way back to yourself again. They explore the trap of comparison and how to unearth the lessons and the beauty in life’s most difficult moments. “I don’...

What Does Mothering Look Like?

Oct 5 • 37:51

“We all share the universal experience of having been born,” says design historian Amber Winick and co-author of Designing Motherhood: Things That Make and Break Our Births. In the book, Winick and co-author Michelle Fisher explore how designs, from the menstrual cup to the breast pump and baby blankets, have impacted and shaped the human reproductive experience over the l...

Gwyneth Paltrow x Erica Chidi: Skin-to-Skin Contact, Internal Family Systems, and Other Things We’re Into

Sep 28 • 47:21

They’re back: GP catches up with Erica Chidi, CEO and cofounder of LOOM and cohost of The goop Podcast. They reflect on some big takeaways they’ve had in the past year at work and at home, how they’re learning to pause and connect with themselves, the value of an orgasm, what they’re listening to, and other things they’re excited about right now....

Gwyneth Paltrow x Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo: Race and Gender in the Workplace

Sep 21 • 01:03:49

GP is joined by Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo, coauthors of Our Separate Ways: Black and White Women and the Struggle for Professional Identity. Based on groundbreaking research, the book uncovers how race and gender shape our workplaces, careers, and relationships with our colleagues. Today, GP, Smith, and Nkomo discuss their recently updated book and how our understan...

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