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Documenting the antics of a few Michigan natives scattered across the U.S. The GDS lets you become a fly on the wall during conversations of nonsense, laughs and stupid personal behavior while attempting to bring you pop culture, news and other dumb content .

Popular episodes

Goin’ Deep Show 1876: That bitch thrives on drama

Nov 29 • 20:01

Kid and Fiona in studio discuss awful sex, sister and brother fights, kids passing out during sex ed, stiff shitty sex, stinky snatch, being an instigator and pretty please wash up before you stick body parts in your mouth. Go Deep....

Goin’ Deep Show 1875: The app to match your girlfriends face with porn stars

Nov 26 • 20:01

Kid and L.B. in studio talking about routines of beating off, Kid outlines the non jerk and then lets his new lady pal swallow the whole thing right up. We talk about how there needs to be an app to match your girlfriends faces to porn stars, how hot eyeblack and powder puff is and we call out a former guest for being a cunt. L.B. nearly pees on a homeless man and we got s...

Goin’ Deep Show 1874: The toothless carnie asks how badly do you want it

Nov 25 • 19:01

Who lost their shit? We find out in this one. We also discuss dumb children, Yelling little motherfuckers, kicking lockers, firing hot water up your ass and pizza guys getting payed in head.  We play some clips and songs and tell everyone to have a happy turkey day. Go Deep. ...

Goin’ Deep Show 1873: Flossin’ teeth with pubes

Nov 24 • 20:01

Coughing Kid and Nurse Fiona discuss new people, pube trimming, cliche lines to use during child labor, watching kids come out of your vag, working out, staying trim, getting hit on and weirdo’s at the strip club. We wrap with trust issues, self doubt and heart crap… oh and fuck buddies.  Listen in, Go Deep....

Goin’ Deep Show 1872: The fast track to hell? You can do that?

Nov 23 • 30:01

Kid, Phenom and Nurse Fiona in studio talking Lutheran shit, pregnant bellies, motorcycle rides to Niagara Falls, how to talk to your kids, fart squirts, killing yourself to go straight to hell and sex education. We wrap with things Fiona couldn’t do because of religion. Listen in. Go Deep....

Goin’ Deep Show 1871: Why did you trim your bush?

Oct 11 • 20:01

Kid, L.B. and Nurse Fiona discuss how to properly trim your bush, when to trim and how its used to keep you from certain situations you may want to dodge. Kid talks about hardon anxiety, eating pussy like a tiger, banging ugly people, and what new idea Nurse Fiona has to find your vein. Listen in. Go Deep....

Goin’ Deep Show 1870: You’re a cum dumpster aren’t ya?

Oct 8 • 20:01

Kid, L.B and Nurse Fiona discuss gorilla sex, banging alot of possible mommies, gay but in the closet shit and how badly that son of a bitch is gonna destroy assholes far and wide.  We wrap with lots of hardon talk, holding off and cum dumpstering. Go Deep...

Goin’ Deep Show 1869: How much of this shit is real?

Oct 7 • 30:01

Kid and Nurse Fiona in studio talking about the dynamics of what we say on the mic, who thinks it’s all real and Kid is on the verge of meeting someone new who he thinks is someone just as fucked up as he is. We talk about getting pictures sent, alcohol getting you jacked up and we give the lowdown on a former co-host of the show and how difficult it is to be entertaining....

Goin’ Deep Show 1868: Getting used as Kleen’s smokescreen

Oct 6 • 20:01

Kid, Silverback, The Phenom, L.B. and Nurse Fiona in studio where we discuss how Mr. Kleen used the Kid as a smokescreen at the bar with a big titted chick that he was into. Nurse Fiona says you can’t have some random dumb bitches in here. Kid tells you not to be honest because it just fucks shit up. Nurse Fiona says to just teach everyone the bad shit. We wrap up with hom...

Goin’ Deep Show 1867: Pistol in your asshole

Oct 5 • 20:01

Strippers farting in faces, creepy guys staring into vaginas and how to properly pick up dollar bills at the club. We do some war stories of visiting the strip clubs and play some sponsorship from Butt Drugs. Go Deep....

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