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Were you a Gleek back in 2010, but now you have a growing suspicion that it was bad for reasons you can’t fully remember? Did you hate Glee back in 2010, but you’ve forgotten the specifics of why? Did you not watch Glee in 2010, and you want to have an airtight argument about why that was the rightRead more

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4.01: Ugh, Again?

Nov 23 • 01:20:16

CWs: Fatphobia (5:25-5:35, 38:01-39:42, 59:38-1:00:19)...

3.22: Goodbye, Classic Glee

Mar 9 • 01:38:49
CWs: Sexual assault (55:41-56:51, 57:50)   On this week's installment of The Gleewatch, Sam and Hannah discuss the twenty-second and final episode of Glee's third season, "Goodbye". Topics of discussion include: “Who is Elaine Stritch?", "How much character development can we retcon in one episode?", "Why am I actually getting kind of emotional?" and "This is a waste of Gl...

3.21: Gluncut Gems

Mar 2 • 01:24:39

CWs: Transphobia and domestic abuse (56:52-57:35)...

3.20: Hannah's Joker Origin Story

Feb 23 • 01:58:05
CWs: Transphobia (3:16-9:56, 56:12-1:00:14), racism (19:06, 25:21-27:11, 35:56-36:41, 1:36:41-1:44:01), prejudice against little people (1:05:01-1:07:36), domestic violence (47:57-56:21, 1:25:51-1:29:59)   On this week's installment of The Gleewatch, Sam and Hannah are unfortunately joined by some surprise guests to discuss the twentieth episode of Glee's third season, "Pr...

3.19: Justice for Missy Gunderson

Feb 16 • 01:46:50

CWs: Ableism (12:24-13:15)...

3.18: Glee Had It Coming

Feb 9 • 01:32:47
CWs: Domestic violence (10:42-17:37, 38:02-45:42, 1:08:02-1:19:12), racism (11:42-11:12, 15:22-15:52), student/teacher sexual relationships (19:02-21:12), suicide (38:52, 1:17:17-1:19:22). For further resources on domestic violence or help escaping a dangerous situation, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline at or call 1.800.799.SAFE (72...

3.17: It's Whitney, Bitch

Feb 2 • 01:09:44

CWs: None!...

3.16: [Title Stolen by Glee Writers]

Jan 26 • 01:41:25
CWs: Discussion of child pornography/nonconsensual release of a sex tape (1:02:58-1:07:08, 1:11:26-1:15:31, 1:30:44-1:31:16), sexual harassment (1:11:26-1:11:36, 1:12:50-1:13:54)   On this week's installment of The Gleewatch, Sam and Hannah are joined by returning guest Joe to discuss the sixteenth episode of Glee's third season, "Saturday Night Gleever". Topics of discuss...

3.15: Glister Act

Jan 19 • 01:35:06

CWs: Suicide (3:29-3:45)...

3.14: Oy

Dec 15 • 01:51:12
CWs: Discussion of Glee's depiction of a homophobia-motivated teen suicide attempt. Heaviest discussion from 14:35-1:02:15 and 1:18:10-1:25:20, but referenced throughout the entire episode.   If you are struggling or in crisis, here are some available resources where you can seek help: US National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255, online chat function available at 

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