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The Gifters: Your Story is a Gift to the World


Fortune 100 global speaker & #1 international bestselling author Christopher Kai shares inspiring stories from captivating entrepreneurs and extraordinary individuals who are changing the world. This podcast is sponsored by the GPS online program which Forbes has stated "helps entrepreneurs becomeRead more

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Ep. 1170: Patrick Aylward, Author of "The Collaborative Path"

May 13 • 18:44

Two observations drove me to write "The Collaborative Path", now available on Amazon, Friesen Press, Kindle, Google Play, and Kobo:

1. A powerful stigma exists around conflict.

2. People don’t collaborate, even when they say they do.

These observations hold true whether I was working as a litigation lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, policy analyst, project manager or conflict man...

Ep. 1169: Christina Ellis, Author "You Don't Need Permission"

Apr 13 • 20:32

Ep: 1168: FINISH THAT BOOK! with Allie Pleiter

Mar 31 • 12:50

Ep: 1167: Israel Duran, Founder of Service of Speaking

Mar 19 • 16:49

People refer to me as the Purpose-Driven Mentor, as my approach to business is not only about helping my clients and students generate 6 to 7 figures leveraging their gifts and expertise, but also about empowering them to live out their purpose with impact, inspiration and influence. My systems and events are known to deliver transformation and are designed specifically to...

Ep: 1166: Larry Kaufman, Author "The NCG Factor

Mar 19 • 15:58

Ep. 1165: How Did Pictionary Founder Rob Angel Sell 38 Million Copies

Mar 18 • 15:40

While waiting table I came up with the idea for creating the International best selling board game, Pictionary. When I played with my roommates we had such much fun. But It wasn't just a game, it was and positive emotional experience. I wanted to share that feeling with the world. I had no plan or dream. I also didn't overthink it, I just got started and put the first 1000...

Ep. 1164: Fastest Growing Healthtech Business in America with Jeremy Miller

Mar 10 • 17:13

Ep. 1163: Virtual Events Executive Julius Solaris Shares His Story

Mar 8 • 16:47

Ep. 1162: Robin Farmanfarmaian, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

Mar 3 • 15:41

Ep. 1161: Renee Strauss, Co-founder of Wedaways

Mar 3 • 19:07

My career as a wedding industry entrepreneur has spanned decades--with customer service always front and center. From selling wedding gowns in Beverly Hills to planning destination weddings to starring in my own TLC reality series, “Brides of Beverly Hills”, my career has always put me in direct contact with the customer. With the continued desire to discover & serve, my d...

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