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Welcome to The Garyvee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my WEEKLYVEE video series, interviews andRead more

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I Work 18 Hours a Day Because its What I'm Great at

Nov 29 • 11:21

Today's episode is all about figuring out what you're good at. So many people spend hours a day trying to "round themselves out" or wonder why they can't do certain things. When in reality the keys to success rely on focusing in on your strengths. Figure out what you are good at and do it, forever. For example, I'm one of the only people I know that can work 18 hours a day...

95% of People are Confused About Success and Happiness

Nov 28 • 58:39

Today's episode is a keynote I gave back in 2019 that I believe still holds so much value! I talked a lot about my take on the biggest weakness of human beings and how people are confused about the current conversation around happiness and success. We struggle to block out the noises of other peoples judgement and my goal is to help you do what makes you happy, not to care...

Stop Holding Back, The World is abundant

Nov 27 • 01:37:36

Today's episode is an awesome keynote I gave in London recently! I discuss so many gems in this episode like why I give everything away from free because I believe opportunity is abundant, understanding how lucky I have been to be born into the circumstances I have, and why I push an agenda of positivity in a world where negativity is louder....

Proper Humanity is the Foundation for Building a Meaningful Business

Nov 26 • 35:34

Today's episode is a great conversation I had with Jillian Michaels about the soft skills in business. Why being a kind and empathic leader trumps all the business knowledge and skill in the world. I am super pumped for you to give this a listen, I know it will provide some genuine value....

Don't miss the opportunities that NFTs has for you | NFT NYC DAY 2

Nov 24 • 22:50

Today's episode is a keynote from the second day of NFT NYC! Today's episode is a recap of my second keynote at NFT NYC! We talked about how NFTs are challenging many industries, all the opportunities that come with the transition to the web3, our mistakes with the internet and social media, and more......

67 Minutes Of Social Media Content Strategy For SMBs | Inside 4Ds

Nov 23 • 01:06:03

Today's episode is the newest installment of 4Ds! So many of you send us messages asking for more detailed business advice from Gary - that’s why we love putting out these 4Ds sessions where Gary really digs in deep into the tactics of growing businesses with CEOs and entrepreneurs....

Stop Letting Outside Voices Define You

Nov 22 • 23:10

Today's episode is a classic segment from GaryVeeTV! Too many of us are letting other peoples judgment stop us from doing what we feel is right for us. Stop succumbing to the outside voices that are telling you to stay in your lane. Break out and do what is right for you....

13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

Nov 21 • 01:10:26

Today's episode is a killer keynote I gave back in 2019 all about business. During this keynote I share that there are 2 sides to how I runs my businesses. The first side is the constant testing and innovation that I'm consistently changing, and the other side is the core business principles that I know are tried and true and will work no matter what the context is....

When I Own The Jets I Will be The Best Owner in Sports

Nov 20 • 25:04

Today's episode is a conversation I had on the Darren Woodson Podcast! We discussed all things football, my plans as NY Jets owner, life growing up as an entrepreneur, how I see young entrepreneurs in today's day and age, why I love my work so much and more....

Pushing Through Adversity is What Makes You Stronger

Nov 19 • 13:29

Today's episode is all about trusting the process pushing through adversity. Theres so much value in embracing the hard times and staying the course. I hope you take something away from this one day folks. Make sure you really listen to my words....

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