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The Gartner Talent Angle podcast is a new and exciting approach to talent management. Every month, we’ll talk with those on the forefront of HR innovation — innovators, academics, HR professionals, economists, coaches — to explore the most interesting and cutting edge ideas in the world of HR andRead more

Popular episodes

SPOTLIGHT: Steering Corporate Activism With Ben & Jerry’s Chris Miller

Nov 30 • 18:38

*This episode is an excerpt taken from our 2020 interview....

Best of 2021: Cultivating Powerful Networks With Marissa King

Nov 23 • 41:57

This week, we're re-releasing an audience favorite podcast from this year. Please enjoy our conversation with Marissa King, professor at the Yale School of Management, as she makes the case for the power of professional and personal networks. In her book “Social Chemistry: Decoding Patterns of Human Connection,” she explores the different dimensions along which human conne...

SPOTLIGHT: Understanding What Gen Z Wants with Jason Dorsey

Nov 16 • 23:57

*This episode is an excerpt taken from our 2020 interview....

Shaping the Leadership Vision for 2022 With Brian Kropp

Nov 9 • 39:52

In this Talent Angle podcast, Gartner chief of HR research Brian Kropp shares challenges and opportunities that are top of mind for CHROs as 2022 approaches. He discusses how HR must adapt to a hybrid future in which leaders and managers need new skills and employees expect a more human relationship with their organizations. Kropp goes on to explain how executives must tak...

SPOTLIGHT: Creating More Human Organizations With Michele Zanini and Gary Hamel

Nov 2 • 24:48

*This episode is an excerpt taken from our 2020 interview....

Disarming Change Resistance with David Schonthal

Oct 26 • 37:58

In his book, “The Human Element: Overcoming the Resistance that Awaits New Ideas,” Kellogg professor David Schonthal challenges the default assumption that selling an idea requires the seller to heighten its appeal. Instead, he makes the case that failure to adopt ideas, strategies or products is often due to the four key psychological frictions that oppose change: inertia...

SPOTLIGHT: Exploring Amazon’s Playbook with Brian Dumaine

Oct 19 • 18:13

*This episode is an excerpt taken from our 2020 interview....

Hiring Second-Chance Talent With Jeff Korzenik

Oct 12 • 32:35

In this Gartner Talent Angle episode, author and banker Jeff Korzenik shares insights about the second-chance talent pool—that is, reemploying candidates with criminal records. He offers practical advice on tapping into non-traditional sources of talent by  differentiating between felony types, partnering with nonprofits and reevaluating legacy talent policies and processes....

SPOTLIGHT: Communicate With Impact with Steve Herz

Oct 5 • 18:04

*This episode is an excerpt taken from our 2020 interview....

Building A Fairer Employee Experience With Brian Kropp

Sep 28 • 33:26

Questions of fairness and equity in the workplace have a renewed urgency, given the transition to hybrid work and the more human relationship between employees and employers. Workplace fairness--either perceived or actual--has real consequences on an organization’s performance and retention. Gartner’s Chief of HR Research Brian Kropp joins the Gartner Talent Angle to discu...

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