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The Futur with Chris Do

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The Futur podcast is a show that explores the interesting overlap between design, marketing, and business.Our host (and CEO of The Futur), Chris Do, holds candid conversations with inspirational people from the worlds of design, technology, marketing, business, philosophy and personalRead more

Popular episodes

165 - Is The Futur a Cult? — with Ivy Malik

Dec 1 • 01:06:59

Welcome to our second installment of 5 rounds. In this episode, we welcome creative sales coach (and Futur Pro Group member) Ivy Malik to the show....

164 - The Art of Sales and Negotiation — with Chris Do

Nov 24 • 01:55:00

If you were to order an expensive meal at a nice restaurant, but then asked if they could knock 50% off of the price, how would your waiter respond?...

163 - How to get more from what you read — with Chris Do

Nov 17 • 01:57:53

Have you ever read a lengthy paragraph from a book and then sort of woken up and asked yourself, “Wait. What did I just read?” You and us both....

162 - Is Being a Designer Enough? — with Rodrigo and Anneli

Nov 10 • 01:19:50

In the corporate world, climbing the proverbial ladder seems common. To get ahead (and make more money) you must climb through the ranks....

161 - What is Primal Branding? — with Patrick Hanlon

Nov 3 • 01:11:05

The concept of branding has been around since the dawn of human existence. It is hard-wired into us. Or as Patrick Hanlon refers to it: it’s our primal code....

160 - You Are Here (For Now) — with Adam JK

Oct 27 • 01:14:27

Adam J. Kurtz (aka Adam JK) is a designer, artist, and speaker whose illustrative work is rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness....

159 - Done is Better Than Perfect — with Martha, Jule, and Lola

Oct 20 • 01:24:56

This episode comes from a discussion held on Clubhouse. The topic: perfectionism. Where it comes from and why it hinders your growth. Better said (and by Winston Churchhill), “Perfection is the enemy of progress.”...

158 - The Difference Between Art and Design — with Loyola Marymount University

Oct 13 • 01:36:34

This episode comes from a livestream we hosted via YouTube in early 2020. In it, Chris fields questions from a group of design majors visiting from Loyola Marymount University....

157 - What is experience design? — with David Schwarz

Oct 6 • 01:06:28

David Schwarz is an award-winning creative leader and one of the founding partners of acclaimed experience design agency, Hush....

156 - You are one decision away — with Kyle Quilausing

Sep 29 • 01:11:46

Once in a while we come across a story that we believe is worth sharing, even though it might not fit within the topics we generally talk about....

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