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What is GOOD?! Looking to create more joy, FUN and fulfillment in life? Join International Speaker, Paul J Long and his featured guests as they draw attention to more of what's GOOD in life as opposed to what's not. Laugh, think and learn in this lighthearted podcast intended to help identify waysRead more

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The Voice In Your Head

Nov 4 • 23:46

Recess with Cassidy Andersen

Aug 25 • 01:01:17

What was one of the most FUN childhood activities in school? Recess! In this episode of the Fundamism Podcast, Lifetime Fitness trainer and real estate agent, Cassidy Andersen discusses how he reignites his childlike exuberance. Complete with movie lines, dad jokes and all the shenanigans, this conversation captures the essence of what meaningful interactions could look li...

Differentiate Yourself with Brian Long

Jun 30 • 56:39

What differentiates you from others? Many individuals exhaust energy trying to fit in or showcase what they believe everyone else wants to see. In this episode of The Fundamism Podcast, Brian Long, National Sales Director at Ottobock, discusses how he feels one can be differentiated both personally and professionally. After several significant injuries, Brian's future was ...

Embrace Awkward Moments with Tim Mathy

Jun 16 • 45:29

When was the last time you found yourself in a truly awkward moment? What was going through your mind at the time and how did you respond? In this episode of the Fundamism Podcast we feature Tim Mathy, Senior Partner at Speak, Inc. Tim's smile, passion for life and desire to help others shines brightly in nearly everything he does. He is both authentic and consistent. Bein...

Seek To Understand with Paul Long

May 26 • 40:04

How often do you find yourself misunderstood or frustrated by others failing to listen to what you have to say? In this episode of the Fundamism Podcast, we dive into the FUNdamental, Seek To Understand amongst many other things. As humans, there's a part of us that enjoys helping others and solving problems. However, when we look to insert ourselves or offer advice withou...

A Keynote Experience with Paul Long

Apr 22 • 01:05:11

What do you hope to gain when listening to speakers? I've been working hard on developing a lot of new content lately. It recently dawned on me that if your organization hasn't booked me for an event, you most likely would not have the opportunity to experience the bulk of my material, past or present. In this episode of The Fundamism Podcast, I'm sharing a full length, on...

The Foundation Of F.U.N. with Paul Long

Apr 14 • 57:14

What experiences created your perspective on life? In this episode of the Fundamism Podcast, I'm riding solo laying the foundation (F) of the acronym F.U.N. We all have unique differentiators, perspectives, belief systems, styles and more. These traits and experiences shape how we live our lives. Thus, our experiences in life are built off of our personal foundation. How d...

Unleash The Power Of Others with Phillip Zimmerman

Mar 31 • 54:45

When was the last time you helped or empowered someone to unleash their full potential? This episode of the Fundamism Podcast features Philip Zimmerman, author of Unleash The Millennials And Save The World. We are all equipped with skills or abilities that can help improve society and promote shared human experiences. Listen in as Philip and I discuss what that looks like,...

The FUNdamentals Of Fundamism with Paul Long

Mar 24 • 26:17

What are your FUNdamentals? What makes you smile or creates a brain pattern interrupt when you're challenged with a negative mindset? In this episode of the Fundamism Podcast, we feature chapter 2 of the Fundamism: Connecting to Life Through F.U.N. audiobook. The FUNdamentals of Fundamism will provide you an overview of what FUNdamentals are, why they're important and how ...

Expand Your Circle with Annette Brechbill and Mirjana Novkovic

Mar 17 • 48:30

What type of people do you surround yourself with? Those who light up the room when they enter or those who light it up when they leave? In this episode of the Fundamism Podcast, Annette Brechbill and Mirjana Novkovic discuss the FUNdamental, Expand Your Circle. With over two decades in the speaking industry as speaker managers, marketers, event coordinators and more, Anne...

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