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Equipping you to have the right conversations about money. The Financial Wheel is here to equip you, not tell you what to do or offer worn-out tips and tricks. It is designed to encourage you to have conversations about money.

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Deciding to Work with a Financial Advisor

Sep 24 • 40:45

Dave Nelson and Stacy Harris are thinking it may be time to sit down with a financial advisor. They think the time is right but they're not sure. They don't know what to expect when they meet with the advisor and they are more than a little nervous about opening up their financial lives. Listen in as Thom addresses their questions and assures them that their pre-meeting ji...

Gaining Control of Your Cash Flow

Sep 11 • 28:08

If you are like most people, you failed when you tried to track your expenses to gain control of your cash flow. Not surprising - it’s a pain to do and it really just tells you where your money went. What you need is a system that helps you plan where you are going to spend the money you have right now. My guest, Doug Peterson, will tell about just such a system and give y...

Never Pay for an Airline Ticket Again

Aug 26 • 29:08

Would you like to fly to Europe or Asia on business class for free. It’s easier to do than you might think. In this episode, my guests, Michael Kauffman and Kyle Romesco-Kelly share some of the ways they have been flying both domestically and internationally for years without paying a penny for a ticket. You will learn some simple ways to quickly build up your travel point...

A Forbidden Conversation - Money

Aug 14 • 28:52

Talking about money is, at best, discouraged and most often forbidden. In this episode, radio hosts Stacy Harris and Dave Nelson bravely talk to Thom about money. Together we discover that money skills are 21st century survival skills that are not often taught in homes or in school. As a result, working with an advisor, who genuinely has your best interest at heart, is the...

Brad Allen

Jul 29 • 01:06:20

When is comes to life insurance products, what you don’t know can hurt you. So, don’t avoid this episode just because it is about insurance. My guest, Brad Allen, CFP, shares straight-forward information that will help you decided how much life insurance you should have and what type of life insurance policy will work best for you. ...

Lenora Edwards

Jul 15 • 47:03

We start this episode with a story about a young woman who thought she had to make a job decision but soon realized she was making a values decision. My guest is Lenora Edwards; a business owner who does business development consulting for entrepreneurs & executives. Lenora and I explore the lessons from our opening story about creating life balance in this “Hub” conversat...

Savings: Short, Mid & Long Term Saving

Jun 17 • 51:59

Savings: Common Mistakes

Jun 3 • 23:02

Tire Conversations

May 17 • 16:04

Spoke Conversations

May 1 • 14:51

In this episode, Thom Allison will tell you about an experience he had being overwhelmed at and investment expo. Because of this experience, he learned about the 4 most common mistakes people make when thinking about savings plans, cash flow management, tax management, insurance, estate planning and any of the many other Spoke conversations. You will learn about the 1 key ...

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