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The podcast that features unique stories and anecdotes often hidden in plain sight. Every fortnight, join Ezra on a narrative journey as he trails the footprints of individuals navigating the prospect of discovery and adversity.

Popular episodes

Alina Amir — What the Future of Learning Could Look Like

Jul 6 • 53:43

After quitting her job as a management consultant, Alina signed up for a teaching fellowship that would change the course of her life. As a teacher and educator, she is one of the co-founders of Arus Academy: a social enterprise that focuses on imparting skills to create physical and digital solutions to existing problems....

We Talk About Aliens! feat. Khoo Hsu Chuang and Julian Ng | Cincai² Bocai

May 19 • 01:54:06

When a trio of ex-colleagues haven't caught up in a while, all bets are off! They explore the big questions: are aliens among us? UFOs are just a matter of fact now? What about cryptocurrency? And how would you sort out the climate crisis? Ezra catches up with old radio comrades Khoo Hsu Chuang and Julian Ng on a new segment: Cincai² Bocai....

Surviving Schizophrenia: A Mother and Son Story

May 7 • 01:09:58

When Madam Kim falls into a depression following her divorce, her young son Kee Whay decides he should become a doctor. His wish: to mend his mother's broken heart. But as his own struggles with schizophrenia begin to emerge, their shared existence forces them to confront their relationship and what they mean to each other. ...

Hidayah Hisham — When Grief and Incarceration Meet in Film

Apr 22 • 27:58

When Hidayah Hisham was nine, she was unable to make sense of her Dad’s disappearance. 17 years later, she confronts her own past when she films the story of Siti — a daughter fighting for her father’s freedom — in her documentary Ayahku, Dr. G....

Life's Most Important Resource (Not Money) feat. Aaron Tang | EZ On The Money #2

Mar 24 • 01:03:54

Financial writer Aaron Tang, explains why we never seem to have enough time - and why your time, and not wealth, is your most precious resource. If you’re someone who has money (and less time), Aaron reveals the formula of how to live a more meaningful life. Also, how do we rewire our lives to stay regret-free? Learn how you could ultimately make more money, and waste less...

How Much Money Is Enough? feat. Julian Ng | EZ On The Money #1

Feb 23 • 54:18

Determined to transform his relationship with money, Ezra begins the conversation about personal finance. With Julian Ng, co-founder of robo-advisor Akru, they discuss how much money is enough for you to have a life you love, now and in the future? What conscious choices can you make to improve your station in life? Also, the merits of passive investing....

Pasi Sahlberg — What We Learn When We Let Kids Play

Jan 18 • 55:29

Pasi Sahlberg puts forth the case as to why play is an essential part of every child’s life. We discover the benefits of children and young people when they follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way, and for their own reasons. What's the most convincing evidence in favour of play? Also, a tribute to Sir Ken Robinson.

Pasi Sahlberg is a Finnish educator and a...

hey Christmas, bye 2020.

Dec 30 • 20:27

In this final episode of 2020, Ezra calls up a friend and finds out how the coronavirus affected his Christmas plans....

Takahara Suiko — Processing The Rage is Tiring

Dec 14 • 28:25

Takahara Suiko is the brainchild behind The Venopian Solitude, the genre-defying experimental electro-pop-nusantara indie band. In this episode, she reflects on the concept of “Hō-ren-sō” (報・連・相) from her time in Japan; how she brings that to the dynamics of being in a band and her personal relationships. What distinguishes the person and persona that is Takahara Suiko? Th...

Project Notes: How To Lead a Band and the Virtues of Being Lazy

Dec 14 • 16:50

Project Notes: where tips, thoughts and takeaways come together. This episode features Takahara Suiko (ep 003), bandleader of the Venopian Solitude, singer-songwriter, actor, writer (and now podcaster). She explores the nature of trust among bandmates, how it relates to ownership and performance within a band. Takahara makes the case of hacking the musical process with sho...

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