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The European Skeptics Podcast is a project in support of the skeptic movement across Europe. By providing a forum for all national and international organisations and initiatives, our goal is to become a real meeting place for skeptics and science enthusiasts.

Popular episodes

TheESP – Ep. #302 – Dangerous denial

Dec 3 • 47:03
Conspiracy theories are hazardous to your health
In this episode we first reflect a little over the new governments in Germany and Sweden. Pontus had Richard Saunders (of the Skeptic Zone fame) at a Swedish Skeptics in the Pub Online event this week and the talk is available on Youtube. In the newly renamed TWISH (This Week in Skeptical History) we celebrate the birth of Du...

TheESP – Ep. #301 – mRNA vaccines are NOT gene therapy

Nov 26 • 01:01:30
We’re back in the saddle for another 300!
Before we start today we reflect on the COP26 fiasco, celebrate the recent golden thin-foil hat award and the Russians’ latest adventures in space. Also don’t miss next week’s SiTP Online with Richards Saunders! (Pontus to moderate). This week marks the 162nd anniversary of Darwin’s On the Origins of Species and Joe Biden can still ...

TheESP – Ep. #300 – Special Listener Q&A

Nov 19 • 01:15:22
And if you didn’t know, Luna can be a bit of a Drongo
For six years and 300 episodes we’ve been doing this, and we won’t stop anytime soon!
In this week’s special Listener Q/A episode you will learn all you need to know about us and about skepticism in general. From serious to silly, we do our best to tell you everything you ever wanted to know, and then some. Thanks to ever...

TheESP Episode 299

Nov 12 • 43:02
“If it looks like medicine, but it has ‘supplement’ written on it, it’s fraud!”
In the episode we interview Petra Schling who is a biochemist and a teacher at the “Biochemie Zentrum” of the University of Heidelberg. We talk about how so-called “natural plants” are actually out to hurt us, how food supplements are normally a waste of money, the misconceptions about “superfoo...

TheESP – Ep. #298 – Susan's 100 millions!

Nov 5 • 01:15:44
Also, it's time for some #Metoo in the Vatican…
This week we catch up with the fabulous Susan Gerbic whose Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia has hit a fantastic milestone. But we also have a full episode, so we start out by mentioning the Australian and New Zealand Skeptics joint annual convention and then look back at what happen this week in 1459 and Pontus pokes the Poke...

TheESP – Ep. #297 – Iris Hinneburg

Oct 29 • 49:33
Which pill would you take?
We start this week with handing Pontus a Really Wrong award for something he said last week. András is back and among other things he describes his experience with the green pass in Italy. QED has been moved to October next year, but what hasn’t moved is our determination to be there. And please send us your questions for episode 300!
This weeks in...

TheESP – Ep. #296 – Mandatory vaccination

Oct 22 • 53:34
How hard can it be to get people to do the right thing?
We start out with some exiting news about Annika’s upcoming online talk, a huge milestone for Susan Gerbic and Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia and a good legal ruling for Snopes. And our friend Holm Hümmler doesn’t only have a new book out, he also one of the select guests at FerngesprächCon last week, together with ...

TheESP – Ep. #295 – Leo Burtscher and Climate Change

Oct 15 • 44:32
In this episode we interview the German astronomer and climate activist, Dr. Leonard (Leo) Burtscher. Leo is a staff scientist at the observatory of Leiden University as well as active in the German skeptics, GWUP. He studies active galactic nuclei in Leiden since 2017 and communicates his research to younger and older audiences. He is also informing the public about the c...

TheESP – Ep. #294 – Race to Space

Oct 8 • 43:27
Sixty years later, Captain Kirk is finally taking off
We’re happy to report that a special meeting of ESP hosts took place in Frankfurt this week. In other news, the film industry is heading for the final frontier with Russian actors going to ISS and William Shatner going where no nonagenarian has gone before. Looking back at this week in history Niels Bohr was born in 1885...

TheESP – Ep. #293 – Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Oct 1 • 01:01:13
Put it up your bum!
Are people losing their wits as covid restriction are lifted? Elections and referendums are happening and András goes beyond spacetime in an upcoming book and this week marked 20 years since the Estonia disaster. Pope Francis may be losing it too, since the Vatican Secretary of State has to publicly contradict him. Then we dive into the news:

• DENMARK: ...

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