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From literature to carpentry, accounting to space travel, the wooden pencil and its ancestors have undeniably been at the center of creation and innovation for centuries. Join Johnny, Tim and Andy on the Erasable Podcast as they discuss and pay homage to these seemingly simple tools of humanRead more

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Episode 173: Unconvincing Wigs

Nov 17 • 53:27

This week, we’re looking back on 2021 and talking about what we’re most thankful for — both within the stationery community, and beyond. Plus, we take a look at some of the newest Blackwing X collabs, a few of the new Musgrave stuff, and a discussion around Wes Anderson’s new movie, which might be peak Wes Andserson....

Episode 172: National Zine Writing Month (with special guest Jemellia Hilfiger)

Oct 29 • 01:02:03

Episode 171: We Fired Tim

Oct 13 • 35:48

Okay, not really! But for tonight it’s just Johnny and Andy, talking about just the Fresh Points. We have some new Field Notes, new Blackwings, a new Squire, and other cool things, including one (or two) last orders from our friends at CW Pencil Enterprise....

Episode 170: Store-Bought Pencils

Sep 23 • 57:30

This week, Tim throws us a curveball. Last week, he asked us what our least favorite pencils are, and then he told us that we should only use that pencil for a couple weeks. In this episode, we discuss our experiences. Plus: a set of bummer fresh points, from a friend who lost his stash in a flood, to our favorite pencil store closing....

Episode 169: Bust Out the Bone Folder

Sep 9 • 01:09:44

Paper is paper, right? Well, only if you think that pencils are pencils. In this week’s episode, your hosts talk about Unicorn Paper — that special formulation that works well with both pencils and fountain pens. Plus: we discuss our LEAST favorite pencil, and Tim makes us write with them all week to discuss in our next episode....

Episode 168: Bring Us Your Weird

Aug 18 • 01:09:13

This week, we are down one pencil podcaster and up one pen superpodcaster. Brad Dowdy of the Pen Addict joins us to tie up our trio while Andy is away for the week. ZINES! Ever since Ed Kemp launched Pencil of the Week a few years ago and, especially, since he was a guest on this podcast’s Episode 150, zines have been blowing up among stationery content creators and consum...

Episode 167: Sadsplaining to Johnny

Aug 4 • 01:19:40

Join us for a chat about the pencils that we each used during elementary school. With a 9 year age gap between our hosts, coming during the crucial years of a trade agreement with China and the onset of the shrinking of the American pencil industry, we’re sure to have a variety of pencils to talk about! Plus: Olympics, new Field Notes, and many, many green ink samples....

Episode 166: Vacu-Sharp (Patent Pending)

Jul 14 • 58:37

Well, we inadvertently took a summer break so after a month off, we’re back to talk through our collected Fresh Points: from the new Blackwing 64 to an update from Tim about how it’s going with his new electric sharpener....

Episode 165: Someone to Squeal At (with special guest Caitlin Elgin)

Jun 9 • 01:12:36

Do you write in your books? Tonight, our special guest Caitlin Elgin joins us to talk about marginalia — why you might want to write them, and how you might want to write them. In fact, one of use does not write in his books, and maybe we can convince him to start. Or not....

Episode 164: They Had to Math That

May 26 • 01:29:25

Tonight, we’re celebrating Field Notes’s fiftieth Colors edition — uh, Fifty — with a pocket notebook retrospective: How did we first encounter Field Notes? What’s our favorite editions for aesthetics? Color? Writing experience? Plus: an amazing new sampler pack from Musgrave....

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