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The Enlightened Entrepreneur


The Enlightened Entrepreneur focuses on how we can go so far beyond building a resume, a company, an image or an investment portfolio, we can build a legacy. Each week, we get into real topics that include how to design a business to support the life you actually want to live, how to serve yourRead more

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Money Matters

Jul 26 • 18:47

Our beliefs about money come from a variety of influences and can totally get in the way of our dreams. Whatever your dream may be, money is an absolute necessity to make it a reality. Today I share a framework for how to look at money and uncover your money blocks to keep your dream alive!...

Project-Based Working

Jul 26 • 29:50

If you’re an entrepreneur, the labels placed on your work can either help you or hinder you. Labels might tell people what you do, but do they truly explain what you’re doing and what you’re passionate about? Today I discuss the power of letting go of titles and labels and how focusing on alignment with others creates genuine connections that uplevel your business. ...

My Biggest Challenge in Money Is

Jul 26 • 22:26

Every entrepreneur has struggled with doubt and fear at some point, especially when it comes to money. Money creates a lot of the messiness associated with entrepreneurship because we assume big sacrifices are required to get more money. However, if we learn to align our 3 most precious resources—time, money, and energy—with what we value most, our work will become more jo...

Your Body and Your Bank Account

Jul 26 • 24:12

As entrepreneurs, we often rely on our businesses to exemplify our values. But our businesses are not the only instruments we have to show the world what we believe in. We can use our bodies and our bank accounts to show up for others in ways that leave a bigger impact than we realize!...

Allowing Space for What's Profound

Jul 26 • 27:07

Sometimes the routine of life can feel repetitive and boring. However, if you shift your mind and give yourself the space to prioritize what’s important to you, even the most mundane tasks can be reenergizing and inspire creativity, love, and a renewed sense of purpose.     ...

Finding the Stillness of Summer

Jul 26 • 23:22

Even though summer is designed for us to slow down and take a break, a lot of us tend to do the opposite! Instead of relaxing, we start booking our calendar full of plans that wind up causing stress instead of stillness and ease. Today I share what it means to give yourself permission and space to get still so you can feel genuinely rejuvenated and ready to work!  ...

Hire Your Mentors

Nov 6 • 22:37

Today, I want to talk about the power in hiring your mentors. I know it sounds strange because a lot of people are accustomed to a mentorship being a freebie. If you’re the mentor, someone has probably begged or pleaded with you to kindly share your wisdom, advice, your contacts and connections with them because you’re further along the path then they are. Sometimes you sa...

The Customer Experience Re-Imagined

Nov 6 • 14:09

Today’s episode is all about the customer’s experience. I feel like we equate it to customer service, and that it’s just something that we have to do rather than something that we get to do as business owners and as brands. As people, any interaction with customer service is usually one that you’re super frustrated because you’re coming in with a problem and get sub par ex...

Finding Your Purpose with June Wee

Oct 30 • 01:01:58

In this episode, Elizabeth talks with June Wee,  a transformational life coach, about the moment she realized she needed a life coach and what led her to become a life coach herself. June aims to serve and inspire through any means possible. Commonly, June does this through coaching, consulting, and her inspiration cards, which are daily affirmations that June created hers...

What Would it Look Like to Listen?

Oct 30 • 16:16

Time is the one thing that levels the playing field. No matter how much money you have, no matter what your life looks like, we all have the same 1440 minutes in the day. It’s about how we choose to fill our time, and what our experience with those minutes is like....

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