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Discover how you can live without constant hunger and fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, and other low-energy symptoms. The Energy Balance Podcast will teach you how to maximize your cellular energy so you can take back your health and finally experience clear-headed focus, restful sleep, and all-dayRead more

Popular episodes

Ep. 76: Why Caloric Restriction Is NOT Responsible For Lifespan Extension (Hormesis Part 2)

Dec 2 • 01:40:32

How the largest body of evidence cited in favor of hormesis actually doesn’t support it at all...

Ep. 75: Hormesis As An Anti-Scientific Defense For Industrial Pollution And Chemical Exposure (Hormesis Part 1)

Nov 23 • 01:07:07

How the concept of hormesis defends our exposure to toxic chemicals, industrial contaminants and pollutants, and ionizing radiation...

Ep.74: Refuting Nutrition With Judy’s “Thoughts on the Ray Peat Diet” (Part 2)

Nov 8 • 01:33:00

Why low-carb diets are inherently stressful...

Ep. 73: Refuting Nutrition With Judy’s “Thoughts on the Ray Peat Diet” (Part 1)

Oct 29 • 01:22:05

Why our brains favor glucose as their fuel source...

Ep. 72: Dental Health on a High-Sugar Diet & How To Determine What’s Blocking Energy Production (Q & A)

Oct 15 • 58:27

Which vitamins and minerals are most relevant to dental health...

Ep. 71: Weight Gain From Replenishing Glycogen & Calcium Sources Other Than Dairy (Q & A)

Oct 4 • 44:49

How much weight gain can be attributed to increases in glycogen storage when adding in carbohydrates...

Ep. 70: Pro-Metabolic Supplements For Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD Part 8)

Sep 22 • 01:28:15

The optimal amount of exercise for fatty liver disease ...

Ep. 69: Carb Deficiencies, Saturated Fat Intake, & The Best Diet For Fatty Liver (NAFLD Part 7)

Sep 3 • 01:02:29

How carbohydrate deficiencies can drive fatty liver disease...

Ep. 68: Oxidative Stress, Choline Deficiency, and Exporting Liver Fat (NAFLD Part 6)

Aug 20 • 01:06:37

How excess oxidative stress causes fat to accumulate in the liver...

Ep. 67: Endotoxin and PUFA As Primary Causes of Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD Part 5)

Aug 9 • 01:47:45

How endotoxin drives inflammation and stress while downregulating our metabolism...

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