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The Ecommerce Opportunity by Chase Dimond


The Ecommerce Opportunity gives you the inside look at what's working today in Ecommerce and where the opportunities lie in both the present and future. We chat with founders and marketers to uncover insights and opportunities for brands, agencies, and freelancers alike.

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SMS Text Message Marketing Strategies

Nov 15 • 18:50

In this video we cover highly actionable SMS Text Message Marketing Strategies.

Here are the questions I asked Elena from SMSBump:

SMS marketing has been around for a while. On a high level, though, what would you say is the channel’s primary goal and what is it most effective for?

I am curious - how has the SMS landscape changed in the last few years in terms of new users, ...

Ecommerce Website Tips and Tricks: Post-purchase CRO, Customer Support, and Email Marketing

Nov 14 • 20:23

In this video, Eric shares his best practices around Ecommerce Website Tips and Tricks: Post-purchase CRO, Customer Support, and Email Marketing.

Eric built a tool called ReConvert ​that helps people drive more sales on the customer thank you page.

Here are a few of his best tips and tricks:

- It's super important that you optimize your thank you page. We've taken customers f...

A New Online Career Path: Make 6 Figures Working From Home

Nov 10 • 40:39

Unveiling A New Accelerated Online Career Path...

Robert Allen teaches us How To Make 6 Figures Working From Home.

This interview is perfect for folks in the Ecommerce and Shopify Ecosystem, especially for marketing agencies and freelancers.

In this video, you'll learn:

- A new path that's emerging in the ecommerce space right now that very people know about

- Why it's a shortc...

How to Solve 5 Problems That Ecommerce Brands Face

Nov 4 • 25:14

Here's How to Solve 5 Problems That Ecommerce Brands Face.

Pain Point #1

Data, data everywhere!

Gathering data from various sources

- Multiple shops

- Multiple platforms

- Production costs (COGS)

- Marketing

- Shipping

- Transaction fees

- Taxes

- Misc. fixed & variable expenses

Pain Point #2

Making things make sense.

- Crunching through mountains of data

- Translating analysis results i...

The Wild Wild West of NFTS, Crypto and Marketing

Nov 2 • 22:25

In this episode, a guy who goes by the name of Rug, comes onto the podcast to talk with me about The Wild Wild West of NFTS, Crypto and Marketing.

Rug runs an agency/collective of 16 individuals who have come together to solve problems in the NFT space, typically from a technology and marketing standpoint. 

We talk about how these projects gain traction, retain users, and ul...

How to Grow a Following on TikTok to 157,000 Followers in Less Than a Year

Oct 28 • 15:40

In this video, Corey shares How to Grow a Following on TikTok to 157,000 Followers in Less Than a Year.

He used (and continues to use) TikTok to drive a ton awareness and traffic to his Shopify store.

He's been so successful with TikTok that he's done over $1m in ecommerce revenue and he's not even 20 years old yet.

This interviews dives into his perspective on how to take ad...

How Ecommerce Leaders Can Capitalize on Crazy Market Demand & Build Sustainable, Thriving Businesses

Oct 26 • 19:52

Today I chat with Jon MacDonald who is founder of The Good – an ecommerce conversion rate optimization firm – about his latest book Opting In To Optimization.

Opting In To Optimization is a set of principles that will help ecommerce leaders capitalize on unprecedented market demand and build sustainable, thriving businesses that can weather unexpected economic storms.

In Op...

Best Practices for Website Traffic Generation

Oct 25 • 12:52

Here are 2021's Best Practices for Website Traffic Generation that others don't want you to know.

My guy Marco came on my show to share his best tips and tricks for website traffic generation.

Marco helps DTC brands generate $$$ and maximize their customers life time value.

In this interview, he shares his best practices for organic traffic generation and user experience that...

Email Marketing Strategies to Bring Customers Back After Black Friday

Oct 21 • 19:37

This interview is a deep dive in the actual Email Marketing Strategies to Bring Customers Back After Black Friday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are great for acquiring and converting customers.

However, you'll typically be the least profitable during this timeframe due to leveraging large discounts and offers.

Here are some of the questions I asked Tina and Lisa.

- Bef...

Breaking Down the 3 P’s of a 7 Figure Marketing Agency with Nick Shackelford

Oct 19 • 10:46

In this video, 7 Figure Marketing Agency Owner Nick Shackelford breaks down the 3 P's of a successful digital marketing agency.

The 3 P's are:

- People

- Process

- Platform

Nick talks about the balance between the three and how delicate each one is to the other.

If this video gets 30 comments with people letting us know what you do, we'll drop a Part 2 going in-depth on the most...

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