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Dyslexia and Early Intervention #23

Feb 4 • 00:00

Today’s interview is with dyslexia and early intervention specialist Dr Tim Conway. If you’re looking for ways to ensure young children are given the best early intervention, or just to take the most effective approach towards setting up a solid foundation for reading in the future, this interview is for you! You can listen to this [...] ...

Why Dads Should Read to their Kids #22

Nov 15 • 00:00

Why should dads read to their young children? Because research has shown that it’s incredibly beneficial! Today’s podcast episode focuses on why dads can make such great reading partners for their kids. You can listen to this episode above, listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher, or read the transcript below. Mums see it as an educational imperative In a study [...] ...

Concussion in Young Children: What You Need to Know #21

Jul 9 • 30:26

Today we’re chatting with Dr Elizabeth Sandel about concussion in young children. What causes it. What we need to look for and how we can help during the recovery process. There are free posters, helpful links and a video for you to use when you approach this topic with your kids. In the classroom we [...] ...

How Scribbling Fast Tracks our Kids #20

Apr 13 • 00:00

Scribbling can have a huge positive impact on a child’s development, not just as a pre-writing skill, but to develop language, reasoning, problem solving and relationships. Learn what researchers have found and how we can optimise that knowledge in our homes and classrooms. There’s also a free download including templates your little ones might like [...] ...

Attuned Communication instead of Classroom Management? #19

Feb 11 • 00:00

Want to try attuned communication with your kids so you don’t have to rely so much on traditional classroom management techniques? Listen to this interview with Laura Fish, it’s got tons of great advice for building up our kids, giving them confidence and strengthening executive function through conversation! You can listen to this episode above, listen to [...] ...

Is Your Classroom an Academically Safe Environment? #18

Dec 11 • 00:00

Is your classroom an academically safe learning environment? Do our kids ever feel embarrassed or hesitant over asking questions, or because they’re struggling with a task, or because other children are ‘better’ than they are? This episode focuses on what we can do to help our kids feel as confident and safe as possible. You [...] ...

Emergent Writing: Why Children’s Play Choices Affect Learning

Sep 16 • 00:00

Emergent writing is dependent not only on a child’s exposure to literacy activities from birth, but how they engage with those activities on a day-to-day basis. This podcast discusses the four play ‘types’ that researchers have found fit the majority of children and what this means for their learning. You can listen to this episode above, listen to [...] ...

9 Ways to Maximize Your Child’s Working Memory #16

Jul 17 • 00:00

Is your child super forgetful and can’t seem to follow instructions? They may have a poor working memory. Working memory is extremely important for learning and this post goes through some ways we can help our kids improve their working memories and function more successfully both at home and at school. You can listen to this [...] ...

Is My Classroom Management Approach Ethical? #15

Jun 4 • 31:56

Classroom management is an essential component of every teacher’s life, and most teachers spend a considerable amount of time trying, refining, adapting and experimenting until they feel they have a handle on it. But is our classroom management style effective for creating a smooth, well-functioning classroom but leaving some of our kids out in the [...] ...

My Child is a Late Talker: What Should I Do? #14

May 7 • 16:31

Are you worried that your child is a late talker? That they don’t know as many words as other children their age, or can’t put the words together into a phrase? This post tells you what you can do! You can listen to this episode above, listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher, or read the transcript below. [...] ...

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