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What will agile marketing businesses look like in 2022?

Dec 3 • 38:26
In this episode The Drum's own Olivia Atkins talks to two experts about what it means to be an agile marketing business. Agility has become something of a meaningless term for businesses, used to mean whatever that particular business wants to say about itself. But beyond the buzzword there are real implications for how a business organises itself to allow for fast and fle...

How can agencies make the most of the data relationship?

Nov 26 • 30:58
As part of our Data deep dive, The Drum invited three experts from its network of agencies on to discuss all things data. Whether that's examining potential headwinds in the use of data, how it's fundamentally empowering our clients, or how we approach that client-user relationship as a third party - these guests break down the opportunities around data.

We're joined by Jus...

Can agencies prove their purpose as life returns to normal?

Nov 11 • 28:41
Agencies - like their clients - have been sorely tested over the course of the pandemic. A lack of face-to-face interaction, the breaking of the chain between brands and customers, the decimation of live events... all have meant that agencies have been peeled back to their cores.

That has led to a reappraisal of agencies' purposes, however, and a reexamination of what it me...

Attracting and retaining young talent

Oct 28 • 38:16
We know from conversations with Network members - and people outside the marketing industry - that there are huge challenges to attracting and retaining young talent.

In this episode of The Drum Network podcast, we ask three experts about how they're going about creating a work environment that is conducive to young talent. Hannah Grace of Cult LDN, Mike Petricevic of Waste...

Marketing trends in Asia: what they mean for your business

Oct 20 • 39:49
Asia is the focus for many brands - and therefore the marketers who work on their behalf. At the same time the ‘market’ is so unbelievably huge that it almost can’t be considered a market at all, more of a collection of markets, each of which requires its own particular expertise to succeed in.

In this episode we’re joined by four experts to discuss marketing and retail tr...

How do agencies prove their purpose to clients?

Oct 15 • 34:44
Purpose is a woolly term - but an agency’s values are the bedroom on which the business is built. So to what extent are we talking the same language when we discuss our agencies’ purposes, and how do we ensure that our clients and employees are brought along on our journey?
In this episode of The Drum Network’s podcast a panel of our members take us through how they built t...

Is 'Experiential' a dirty word?

Oct 13 • 38:27
Is ‘experiential’ a dirty word? As we transition back to an age of live events, is the term too narrow and prescriptive to encompass the range of live, virtual and hybrid events? And to what extent can brands exist harmoniously within an environment that is primarily about audiences living in the moment?
In this episode of The Drum Network podcast we hear from a trio of ex...

Off the shelf: the future of retail and e-commerce

Aug 25 • 32:23
In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast, which coincides with The Drum's retail deepdive, we hear from three experts about the future of retail and e-commerce.

Over the past 18 months e-commerce has boomed, but the trends that predated the pandemic have continued apace. So where should smart agencies and retailers be placing their chips for the future, and how are retai...

Keeping The Spark As You Scale: Shared Values

Jul 29 • 47:22
In this follow-up to our first Keeping the Spark episode, we hear how agencies of all sizes and ages are bringing their employees along as their scale up. Whether that's getting buy-in from new hires to ensuring that the co-founder keeps an eye on the values that matter, this episode provides practical advice on retaining your values as you grow.

For this episode we're joi...

What is the future of health marketing?

Jun 25 • 31:45

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