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The DoomBuggies Spook Show is "dead-icated" to fans of Disney's Haunted Mansion and other similarly sinister subjects. We feature Disney theme park history, interviews with celebrities, ghost stories, and more.

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Ep. 34: Muppets Haunted Mansion with Director Kirk Thatcher

Oct 16 • 01:14:47

Welcome foolish Muppets to our October episode of the DoomBuggies Podcast. This month is dead-icated to "Muppets Haunted Mansion," a new special streaming on Disney+. We share news of Muppets-related spooktacular events at the Disney Parks, discuss our feelings about and opinions of the new show, talk about MacGuffins, and report on a recent event at the Walt Disney Family...

Ep. 33: The Haunted Mansion's opening day in 1969

Sep 15 • 56:00

This month, DoomBuggies hosts Jeff and Julia take you back 52 years to the opening day of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. We talk about the myths that surrounded the attraction before it opened, the press accounts that accompanied the opening of the attraction, and the mindset of the foolish mortals who waited upwards of 4 hours to ride through the Mansion during the hy...

Ep. 32: MAPO and engineering the Haunted Mansion

Jun 19 • 01:07:04

This month, we take a brief look into the history of the development of the mechanics of the Haunted Mansion, and a few of the key engineers and technicians from WED and MAPO who took the famous Imagineers' designs and concepts and turned them into an immersive physical experience. We also look at the latest news, including an upcoming Disney+ series featuring the Mansion ...

Ep. 31: Disneyland's Haunted Mansion re-opens

May 28 • 50:00

DoomBuggies Episode 30: New changes to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

Apr 19 • 29:44

Episode 29: Ghost Stories

Mar 15 • 42:46

Welcome, Foolish Mortals - to the DoomBuggies Podcast! This week, we take a look at some of the ghost stories that existed during the conceptualization of the Haunted Mansion, and consider some of the ideas and tales that might have influenced the Walt Disney and his Imagineers as they designed the greatest haunted house dark ride of all time. Also, in news, we mention som...

Ep. 28: Melanie Ravenswood and the Phantom Manor

Feb 13 • 50:31

This month, DoomBuggies explores the topic of nuptial doom, specifically as found in the recently renovated Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris. We meet Melanie Ravenswood, the bride of the manor, and discuss her tragic history, the sorrow of loves lost, and the new special effects that were added to the attraction in 2019. We also discuss our favorite couples in the Haunted...

Episode 27: The Haunted Mansion's Ghost Gallery

Jan 13 • 51:36

This month, we are going back to the late 1980s to discuss a much-discussed book of tales: The Haunted Mansion's Ghost Gallery. This collection of stories was developed by Cast Members from the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion attraction, and it represented their attempt to describe all of the denizens of the Mansion. We'll discuss the history of the colle...

Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks

Dec 13 • 39:26

This month, we take a dive into the newest gigantic tome for your tomb published by Disney Editions - Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks: Celebrations Around the World from Fall to Winter, by Graham Allan, Charlie Price and the director of the Walt Disney Archives, Rebecca Cline. We dig specifically into the book-length chapter about Haunted Mansion Holiday, and discuss som...

DoomBuggies Episode 25: The architecture of the Haunted Mansion, part 2

Nov 13 • 44:25

This month, we present part two of our discussion of the architecture of the Haunted Mansion, and discuss the look, feel and architectural style and era of the facade buildings in Anaheim and Orlando that give the Haunted Mansion its spooky setting. We discuss the atmosphere and styling created by WED Imagineer Claude Coats, the historical setting dedicated to each of the ...

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