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Only bleeding: How Swedes opened up about periods

Dec 7 • 28:32
“It’s alright (I’m only bleeding)”. In 2017, these words were emblazoned on the Stockholm subway or tunnelbana, alongside a giant poster of an ice-skater with a red-stained crotch. The deliberately provocative image was the work of Swedish cartoonist Liv Strömquist, who was on a mission to destigmatise periods. But even in one of the most feminist countries in the world, s...

Poison: Jacob Zuma's toxic obsession

Dec 4 • 50:37
Jacob Zuma, South Africa's former president, believes the world is out to poison him. He has claimed that the CIA, MI6, local traitors, and perhaps even one of his wives, have tried to kill him. No wonder he has ordered toxicologists to test everything he eats. But is Zuma the victim of an elaborate international conspiracy that has its roots in the Cold War and South Afri...

Understanding Iran: Reconciling religion and democracy

Dec 4 • 18:39

Coronavirus: Omicron

Dec 4 • 24:10
At this time of the year, many people traditionally begin to think about coming together for gatherings of family and friends to celebrate events such as Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.

But for millions of people, their festive plans are in upheaval after the World Health Organisation identified Omicron a ‘variant of concern’ resulting in travel bans and restrictions acros...

America’s abortion divide

Dec 4 • 10:11

Sleepless in Seoul

Dec 2 • 28:02
Korea is one of the most stressed and tired nations on earth, a place where people work and study longer hours than anywhere else. And statistics show they are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off and relax; they sleep fewer hours and have higher rates of depression and suicide than almost anywhere else.
And as a result sleeplessness and stress has become big bus...

Internet instigators

Nov 30 • 27:40

Israel and Palestine

Nov 27 • 18:21

Coronavirus: Europe’s unvaccinated

Nov 27 • 23:53
The World Health Organisation has been sounding the alarm about the path of the pandemic in Europe, as Covid infections and deaths continue to rise across parts of the continent. Affected countries are listening and responding: mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports and movement restrictions on the unvaccinated are dominating the debate in several European countries. In thi...

Migrant crossings to the UK

Nov 27 • 09:52
France and Britain are caught up in disagreements over who needs to do what to stop any more people dying on small boats crossing between the two countries. 27 people were killed in the English Channel on Wednesday, hoping to migrate to the UK. Even after the tragedy, people continue to attempt the dangerous journey in unsafe dinghies. Ros Atkins looks into this political ...

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