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#28 - Chrisman Frank and Ana Lorena Fabrega: Synthesis, The SpaceX Lab School, and The Future of Education

Nov 23 • 54:16

The future of education is a hotly debated topic, one that was only exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. Parents, educators, and policy makers are all asking themselves what  students need to learn to compete and thrive in a rapidly changing future....

#27 - Brian Fioca: From Productivity to Balance

Nov 9 • 49:54

The trends around quantified self, and productivity optimization have been around for years. But when COVID arrived, many people started to reflect on their lives. One of the themes that seems to have emerged from that has been a shifting emphasis to simply hustling or working harder, to pursuing balance....

#26 - Ben Huh: DAOs and the Future of Work

Oct 26 • 40:17

It’s been said that 2020 was the year of Decentralized Finance, and 2021 the year of NFTs. It’s likely that 2022 will be the year of the DAO. ...

A New Chapter: Introducing Manifold

Jan 27 • 48:47
Today is a big day for us, because today we’re unveiling our new company. It’s called Manifold, and it combines our advisory practice, formerly known as Digital Intent, our venture investing activity, and new incubation studio.
This reorganization is several years in the making, and the goal is to create what we call a perpetual machine for value creation.
I thought it would...

Subscription Box Models and Community-Driven Marketing with Ross Gordon

Jul 21 • 01:00:42

Ross Gordon is the founder of Catch Co, creating amazing fishing brands, products, & shopping experiences for the modern angler. It originally started as Mystery Tackle Box, a subscription service sending lures and other gear to fishing enthusiasts. But he has since grown it into something much larger. He designs and manufactures his own fishing products, has retail distri...

Why Your Eyes Will Soon Have Superpowers, with Mojo Vision

Jun 30 • 53:40

Welcome back to season 3 of the disruptors podcast....

How video games are transforming healthcare, with Sam Glassenberg

Jan 21 • 52:14

Video games have obviously taken the world by storm. But when most people think of video games they think of something folks do as purely entertainment, with little practical value to their lives. But the promise of games goes way beyond mere distraction - the modalities and mechanics of games can actually be used to develop skills in ways that would be impossible to acqui...

The Future of Professional Services, with Fiona Grandi

Dec 3 • 41:14

Professional services firms have undergone dramatic shifts in the last 10 years, and many are predicting complete disruption in the next 20. As automation, broader access to information and other trends converge, smart professional service firms are looking to aggressively transform themselves....

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO of Policygenius on managed marketplaces and taking the startup plunge

Oct 15 • 31:31

Many of the students in my class at Kellogg come from the world of big consulting, but have been bitten by the startup bug. But how do you successfully leave the relatively stable, comfortable, prestigious walls of corporate America and successfully launch your new venture?...

The future of healthcare, with Dr. Stephen Klasko

Sep 25 • 47:51

Nearly everyone is in agreement that healthcare is an industry that desperately needs transformative change. But the legacy technologies, interrelationships between providers and mayors, and other systemic issues typically keep such transformation from happening. ...

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