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The Disclosure Podcast

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Join vegan educator, TEDx speaker and content creator Ed Winters as he explores topics surrounding veganism, morality, ethics, communication, and the environment, as well as discussing current events. Winters has spoken at over 1/3 of UK universities and at 6 Ivy league colleges, including as aRead more

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Ep 32: The Disruption of Seaspiracy & The Race Against Time to Debunk the Facts

Apr 22 • 54:00

Seaspiracy hit Netflix on March 24th, and I don't think even the vegan community were prepared for the huge impact it was about to have. Trending across the globe and hitting #1 on Netflix in the UK, the power of Seaspiracy cannot be overstated. An outpouring of news articles, statements in response, and a 'debunking' of the facts presented soon followed. Today I'm discuss...

Ep 31: The Full Story of How I Became Vegan & Never Looked Back

Apr 3 • 54:42

In today's episode I look back upon the moments in my life that acted as building blocks towards me making the switch from passionate KFC lover to vegan.

I used to love eating fried chicken, I  was always up for a trip to the zoo, and as a child I laughed at vegetarians. So, what happened? And how can reflecting back on what helped us make the switch to vegan help us becom...

Ep 30: Time to Brace for the Backlash Against Veganism?

Feb 19 • 42:01

In today's episode we go through some of the most interesting articles from the Veganuary period, and what the potential backlash means for veganism.

In today's episode:

- Is veganism causing severe mental health issues in the animal farming industry?
- How can farmers diversify?
- Is veganism anti-agriculture and an attack on British farming?
- What about reducing your carbon ...

Ep 29: Comedic Relief with Preacher Lawson

Feb 11 • 01:07:54

Today's episode is something a little different. I'm hugely honoured to share with you a pre-pandemic conversation between myself and Preacher Lawson.

A passionate vegan, Preacher Lawson has the wonderful gift of not only being able to bring laughter to so many people, but the vegan message as well. We look back on our experiences as steak-loving non-vegans, and discuss com...

Ep 28: How to Get Through Christmas as a Vegan

Dec 19 • 30:13

Christmas can be a very challenging time of year for vegans. During a time of celebration, seeing our loved ones perpetuate so much death and suffering can be extremely overwhelming. Dead bodies on the dining table and confrontations surrounding our choice not to hurt animals, there can be a lot of pressure, a lot of judgement and ultimately a lot of reasons to worry about...

Ep 27: Are Vegans 43% More Likely to Break Bones Compared to Meat Eaters?

Dec 7 • 39:10

During the past couple of weeks there has been a media frenzy surrounding an EPIC-Oxford study that concluded that vegans have a higher risk of bone fractures. Headlines such as, "Meat-free diets linked with greater risk of breaking bones" and, "‘It is a worry’: The truth about veganism and bone health" littered news websites and flooded onto social media. Even Joe Rogan s...

Ep 26: Why Don't Humans Care About Fish? In Conversation with Jonathan Balcombe

Nov 17 • 45:49

In this episode I am joined by Jonathan Balcombe, an expert in animal behaviour. We discuss his work exploring how intellectually and emotionally complex fish actually are, and dispel many of the hugely prevalent myths surrounding fish, and fish sentience. We also discuss some of their most interesting behaviours, whether or not it is ethical to eat mussels and oysters, an...

Ep 25: Reflecting on Life Before Veganism - How the World Never Looks the Same Again When You Go Vegan

Oct 22 • 30:42

I was once disappointed that I wasn't able to see an orca performing at an aquarium I was visiting, I once bet on horses with friends, and I once ate animal products every single day. But once I went vegan, everything changed. Your perspective on the world radically shifts, as if a blindfold has been removed. Suddenly everything looks different, and suddenly, there seems t...

Ep 24: This is How the Dairy Industry Lied to the World (And Almost Got Away With It)

Oct 14 • 34:43

Welcome to Season 3 of The Disclosure Podcast! In today's episode I take a look at how the dairy industry lied to the world, and almost got away with it. From 'government cheese' to government collusion, I break down how the industry worked with the US government to up the populations' intake of dairy products - ultimately leading to more breast and prostate cancer, more e...

Ep 23: Why the Hunting Argument Doesn't Hold Up - What to Say if You're Arguing with a Hunter

Jul 24 • 55:12

"Look, I hunt my own animals. I'm connected to nature, and I'm helping the environment. Haven't you heard about overpopulation and the importance of hunting for conservation?"

In this episode I expand fully on my recent YouTube upload, where I debunked Joe Rogan's arguments for hunting. In today's episode I expand on the morality of hunting, the environmental arguments that...

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