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Daily interviews and lessons on dating, relationships, and lifestyles. Discover the latest and greatest in dating apps, how to navigate a relationship and find success in today’s digital dating world. The Dirt on Dating Show features interviews from singles and people in relationships as well asRead more

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Let's Talk About Bisexuality: What It's Like to Love Beyond Genders with Tyler | Ep. 90

Oct 9 • 17:39

Tyler, our guest today was born and raised in West Virginia. He is 32 years old. He's a single dad and has been divorced for two years. He also enjoys TikTok, Instagram, and he loves his four by four truck.

In this episode we cover some very vulnerable topics and go deep into how to transition and heal from a long term relationship. We also discuss how attraction works acro...

What Lesbians Really Think About Hooking Up With Men with Marissa | Ep. 89

Oct 8 • 17:12

In today's episode we share the mic with 21 year old Marissa from California. She is a newly single lesbian with a thriving TikTok channel. On the show today we'll talk about the best way to make a woman orgasm and what a lesbian really thinks about sleeping with a man. This is a wild one, buckle your seatbelts!

Connect with Marissa: https://www.instagra…com/marissa.wilkess...

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Heartfelt Lessons on Loving Yourself That Everyone Should Hear (Kalob's Story) | Ep. 88

Oct 7 • 20:37

Kalob Gossett is a regional HIV educator and sexual health advocate living in Chicago, IL. Originally from a smalltown in Indiana, his journey to find love as a gay man in the Midwest has been full of ups and down; however, it has helped him to find love in many places, including within himself.

In this episode we explore Kalob's journey through love and self reflection as ...

What It's Like Using a Sperm Donor in a Lesbian Marriage with Nene | Ep. 87

Oct 6 • 15:33

Our guest today is 28 in Dallas, Texas, and she's been married for two years on October 30th, her and her wife have a beautiful six month old baby girl.

In today's episode we interview Nene. We explore topics such as transitioning from dating men to exclusively dating women as well as how to structure a family in a lesbian relationship.

Connect with Nene: https://www.instagr...

The Foundations of Intimacy: How to Start a Relationship Built on Trust with Karli | Ep. 86

Oct 5 • 25:33

Karli Kershaw is a Professional Love & Relationship Coach.

She specializes in supporting strong, intelligent women heal their heart, feel confident in their skin (and themselves), and go after the life and love they desire. She is an expert in all heart fundamentals: love, life, heartbreak, relationships, and most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself.

In thi...

What It Takes to Have a Healthy Gay Marriage (And How to Come Out to An Orthodox Family!) | Ep. 85

Oct 2 • 20:59

Coming out as a gay man to your family might seem like a really difficult thing to do... especially if your family background is very religious.
So sharing the mic today, we've got Avi and Ari. So Avi and Ari have been together since 2015. They got married in 2018. Ari works as an advent in event management and ABI. Don is a retired figure skater. Who now coaches skating an...

This Cosplay Hunk Reveals How to Deal with Cheating and Commitment (Andrew's Story) | Ep. 84

Oct 1 • 20:27

Andrew is an actor known for playing Kristoff and Star-Lord for Disney’s stage productions of Frozen & Guardians of the Galaxy. Is also a content creator with 200k followers across all platforms.

In today's episode we'll explore how men deal with being cheated on and what it means to be committed in a relationship.

Connect with Andrew:

Real Talk on How to Adjust to the Dating Scene After Years in a Relationship with Laura | Ep. 83

Sep 30 • 16:38

Today's guest is a registered nurse. She is a mom and a lifestyle blogger,  she's recently left a 15 year longterm relationship and is venturing out in the dating scene with eyes wide open, not sure what to expect.

In this episode we cover surprises that come from starting to date after 15 years off the market.


Have a great story that you want to share on the show? Introd...

Why Saying Yes to Your Next Date Can Lead You on a Delicious Adventure (AJ's Story) | Ep. 82

Sep 29 • 17:06

AJ is a 26 year old flight attendant and a baker currently in a relationship.

He loves travel food and the outdoors. In today's episode we explore how going out on a random date can potentially bring you to the one.

Connect with AJ:


Have a great story that you want to share on the show? Introduce yourself on our website at www.dirtondat...

Life in a Polyamorous Family: What It's Really Like with Two Lovers and a Baby | Ep. 81

Sep 28 • 22:08

Ever wonder what it's like having two husbands and a baby? In today's episode we explore what polyamory is really like in a closed triad with two men and one woman. We are excited to welcome Nicole, Fabi, and Christian to the show. They are a polyamorous triad living in Germany, and they've just added a new addition to their family. They have an eight month old baby.


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