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The Dildorks

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Sex bloggers and best friends Bex ( and Kate ( talk about all things sex, dating, and masturbating.

Popular episodes

(Don't) Stop in the Name of Love

Nov 23 • 57:29

When No Means Ohhh

Nov 16 • 01:02:22

Consensual non-consent is a controversial kink, so this week we’re talking about how to do it in the safest, hottest, and kindest ways possible.

Zonked Out

Nov 9 • 50:12

This week we’re discussing sleepy sex: how to do it safely and consensually, why it’s kinky as heck, and what additions can make it even kinkier....

Sexpress Yourself

Nov 2 • 57:39

Praise Craze

Oct 26 • 57:26

Ever been turned on by receiving or giving praise? This week we’re discussing the ins and outs of praise kink!

You Always Remember Your Fist

Oct 20 • 53:34

Fisting is an oft-misunderstood sex act, so this week we’re discussing the mechanics and philosophy of this much-revered form of hand sex.

Cum Conundrums

Oct 12 • 51:23

The Paddle is Mightier

Oct 5 • 51:06

Kate’s debut book 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Dois launching in one week, so this week Bex interviews her about the writing process, the philosophy of the book, and how she hopes readers will use it!

Heckin' Horny

Sep 28 • 55:50

This week we’re talking with Mx. Nillin, a sex blogger, educator, and erotica author, about their upcoming anthology of trans and non-binary erotica, Heckin’ Lewd!...

Perverts in Tents

Sep 21 • 48:06

Bex just got back from Dark Odyssey kink camp, so in this episode he regales us with kinky stories and offers advice for folks considering going in future!

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