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Mythology is often categorized as a passé and an uncool subject. The younger audiences in India consume a very large amount of content on a regular basis, but mythological content is definitely not their go to choice. The thought for this podcast stems exactly from here. The Devdutt Pattanaik ShowRead more

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What can Rishis see that you can't?

Mar 4 • 18:37
If you think that we have left the time of saints and sages behind us, this episode of the Devdutt Pattanaik Show will make you think again. Do ‘Rishis’ still exist, even after thousands of years? The recurring image of a ‘Rishi’ in our scriptures as a temperamental love hater is so famous, it can be turned into a potential meme, but how true is this image? Rishis grant ...

Why do People get Married to Trees?

Feb 26 • 18:25
We know that the tree of knowledge gave us the forbidden fruit, which gave us the original sin, which gave us eternal damnation. But how is Kalpavriksha, a tree in the Indian version of heaven, believed to affect human behavior? What mythological logic behind binding ‘manglik’ individuals to trees and plants in holy matrimony? Did you know that cancer-causing tobacco plant...

Badass Goddess Kaali!

Feb 5 • 21:18
Alright, it’s time to talk about one of the most badass goddesses of the Indian Pantheon, Kaali. Why does Kaali always stick her tongue out to us? Is it a playful jibe? A token of rebellion? Or does the action have deeper mythological significance? Did you know that Kaali’s wild, untamed mane actually alludes to a social responsibility? India’s British colonial masters did...

Was the King of Gods Bad at Negotiation?

Dec 13 • 19:44
If the Gods and Goddesses of Indian Mythology are supposed to be all-knowing and omnipotent, then how come the Asuras trumped them in the area of negotiation and diplomacy? Why was Indra crowned the King of the Indian mythological pantheon in spite of his bad negotiation skills? What happened when Hanuman went head-to-head with a Rakshasa in a negotiation dual? What happen...

Vaahans - A Status Symbol for Gods?

Sep 10 • 18:36
We’ve all felt the pang of envy when we’re on our way to office in our ordinary hatchback and a sexy convertible vrooms by. But who knew that ‘Vaahans’ or their holy vehicles of choice were status symbols for the divine too? Want to decode the controversy surrounding Indian Gods and their Vaahans? How do the Gods decide which animal will become their Vaahan? Why did Vishnu...

Buddhism goes Viral!

Aug 13 • 21:20
How is the concept of Buddhism intrinsically connected to our lives? How did Kind Siddhartha’s name change to Buddha? How did Buddhism go viral around the world? Is the Buddha form a manifestation of Vishnu or not? What is the difference between a regular Buddha statue and the statue of Bodhisatva? Catch all this and more in this episode of The Devdutt Pattanaik Show podca...

Radha and Krishna are #RelationshipGoals

Aug 13 • 22:29
Why did Krishna and Radha interchange their attire every now and then? Why are temples dedicated to Radha such a rarity in the country? Did Krishna stop playing his flute because of Radha? Why are most Krishna temples in this country dedicated to him and his lover, Radha and not him and his spouse, Rukmani? Catch all this and more in this episode of The Devdutt Pattanaik S...

Royalty is Gender-Free!

Aug 13 • 21:43
What is the real role of a King as prescribed by our mythology? What are the stories of some of the most impressive mythological Kings of the world? Why do our mythological texts shed all their focus on Kings but not their subjects? Which King in Indian mythology is extremely similar to Frankenstein's monster? A King is neither man nor woman, how is this possible? Catch al...

The Secrets of Astrology – Now Revealed!

Aug 7 • 22:26
All of us know that Shani means BAD NEWS, then why is he still referred to as a God? How old is the science of astrology and when was the first temple dedicated to the planets made? Are Rahu-Ketu the same being or two separate entities? And if they are Asuras, they why are they worshipped? Catch all this and more in this episode of The Devdutt Pattanaik Show podcast! Don’t...

Did the Mahabharat era have internet AND Wi -Fi?

Aug 7 • 23:08
Did the Mahabharat era have internet AND WiFi? Is the famous psychological concept of the Yayati Complex somehow connected to the Mahabharat? What happened when Bheem and Arjun went head-to-head to decide who is the best Pandava? Did Draupadi actually have the five Pandavas as her husbands? Catch all this and more in this episode of The Devdutt Pattanaik Show podcast! Don’...

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