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If you are serious about your own empowerment and you're looking for the most efficient and effective pathway to go to the next level in your life, if you're looking for the world's #1 leading specialist in human behavior to guide you and help you make sense of your life and help you get theRead more

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The Secret Wisdom of The Inner Voice - The Demartini Show

Nov 26 • 29:54

Create a more fulfilling life by mastering the art of tuning into your most inspired and ingenious self, your inner voice. Your inner voice is your guide of all guides to a life of inspiration. Learn how you can master the ability to attune to your inner voice to expand your wisdom and fulfilment through heart filled listening....

The Power of Your Mind to Live Purposefully Part 2 - The Demartini Show

Nov 19 • 35:12

In Part 2 of the Power of Your Mind to Live Purposefully, Dr John Demartini builds on some key points around taking control of your perceptions in order to overcome your perceived challenges, clarify your unique mission and achieve the financial and physical health and wellbeing you intend....

The Power of Your Mind to Live Purposefully Part 1 - The Demartini Show

Nov 12 • 28:25

If your intention is to live an amazing life and leave your mark on the world, then becoming clear on your vision and purpose and mastering your mind are the keys to achieving your dreams. In this episode, Dr John Demartini discusses how you can use the power of your mind to control your perceptions, decisions and actions so you can become a master of your destiny instead ...

7 Areas to Empower - The Demartini Show

Nov 5 • 27:32

No one gets up in the morning and honestly says that they want to shrink in power. We all have the will to power. If we start acting and doing the things that are proven to empower, we rise in power. Any area of life that you don’t empower, somebody else will overpower, so join Dr John Demartini for a deeper look into the 7 areas of life and the proven steps you can take t...

A Quality Life Demands Quality Questions - The Demartini Show

Oct 29 • 25:55

When you ask yourself uninspiring questions, your life remains just that, uninspiring. When you ask quality questions, your life changes to a life of inspiration. Make your life the amazing life you intend by mastering the art of quality questions. Dr John Demartini breaks down great questions to use in your daily life that will substantially alter your inspiration, produc...

The Importance of saying "I love You" - The Demartini Show

Oct 22 • 20:51

We all just want to be loved and appreciated for who we are. Saying 'I Love You' can be the most appreciated words for people to hear. Join Dr John Demartini and discover the transformational power of love and the importance of saying, ‘I Love You’ to those around you including to yourself....

Your Greatest Challenges Give Rise to Your Greatest Gifts - The Demartini Show

Oct 15 • 29:04

One of the things that's most powerful about your values is how they reflect what has been perceived as lacking in your life - the seeming difficulties, challenges, obstacles, sorrows, or voids....

Good & Evil - The Demartini Show

Oct 8 • 21:03

Dr Demartini explains why the moral and ethical concepts of “good” and “evil” are human inventions and labels more than universal values or laws. He explains why everything that goes on in your life is a neutral event until you choose with your perceptions and subconsciously stored associations how to interpret it....

True Intimacy - The Demartini Show

Oct 1 • 11:58

Dr Demartini explains why so many people confuse infatuation for intimacy, and shares what it means to really put someone in your heart with true reflective awareness and steps you can take to deepen your connection with others. People want to be loved and appreciated for who they are, yourself included. You don't need to get rid of any part of them to love them, in the sa...

The 80/20 Rule to Give Your Life and Business The Edge - The Demartini Show

Sep 24 • 24:11

Discover how the 80/20 rule has been used by top performers to achieve their levels of success and fulfilment. Discover how by applying the 80:20 rule in your own life, you can transform your life and business, whether you're a coach, entrepreneur or in any leadership position. Dr John Demartini shares how this principle can ensure that you obtain the greatest possible res...

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