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The Debrief with Major Garrett

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How'd we get here? Where are we going? What does it all mean? CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett takes a step back from the daily gush of headlines for a deeper look into the issues of our time. New episodes are available right here, first thing Tuesday mornings.

Popular episodes

20 Years Later: Major's Experience Covering the 9/11 Attacks

Sep 8 • 06:18

Inside the Beltway

May 11 • 20:32

Washington, D.C. has a language all its own. Words that mean something here in the nation's capital mean something completely different or nothing at all everywhere else. ...

2020 Vision: 1945

May 4 • 22:31

Without question, 2020 was a remarkable and remarkably miserable year for so many. It had a little bit of everything: disease, fire, political upheaval, social unrest, economic devastation. Oh, and murder hornets....

The First 100 Days

Apr 27 • 23:55

100 days is an unusual unit of measurement for anything. Normally, we'd just say "about three months." Is there anything besides a president's time in office we measure in 100-day increments?...

The Climate Crisis Part 2: Our People

Apr 20 • 30:09

Even climate change skeptics agree global temperatures have risen and ice sheets are melting in the arctic and Antarctic. But they disagree that weather patterns are becoming more extreme and downplay the role of human activity on our warming planet....

The Climate Crisis Part 1: Our Planet

Apr 13 • 30:04

The Earth is changing at a faster pace than at any point in the history of human civilization. Industrialization and increased carbon emissions have caused the global temperature to rise by over a degree Celsius since the turn of the last century....

Compensation: The NCAA's Big Dance

Apr 6 • 30:26

As the NCAA's March Madness ends, athletes for both men's and women's basketball teams face the harsh reality that has plagued student-athletes for years: their sweat, tears, and hard work draw millions of viewers, and millions more in revenue for the NCAA, television networks, and universities, but no money for themselves or their teammates. ...

Our Vote

Mar 30 • 27:55

Last week, Georgia's Republican governor signed into law sweeping changes to the state's voting procedures. The legislation, which passed with only Republican support, mandates photo ID for mail-in ballots, trims the window for requesting an absentee ballot and places new restrictions on ballot drop boxes, among other provisions. ...

The Pandemic and Paper

Mar 23 • 18:54

We wanted to mark the one-year anniversary of pandemic lockdown without doing a year-from-hell retrospective. So we decided to explore a relationship to something that might embody how the pandemic has changed our habits and led us back to some old ones. ...

Children at the Border

Mar 16 • 31:57

The new administration is grappling with a decades-old problem: how to deal with the surge of migrants at the southern border. With President Biden’s new policy of not turning away unaccompanied minors, the number of children arriving at the border has rapidly increased, up nearly 30% in the last week alone. ...

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