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There’s more news and less comprehension today than any historical period that didn’t involve literal witch trials, and trying to stay on top of it all can feel like playing a game of telephone with 30 people, except everyone’s speaking at the same time and like a third of them are openly racistRead more

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Top Drunkest Countries, Oz: Real Doctor, Real PoS 12.06.21

Dec 6 • 01:06:41

In episode 1043, Jack and Miles are joined by writer and comedian Sam Morril to discuss Missouri GOP hates science so much they had to hide it from everyone, Who the Fuck is Dr. Oz?, The Annual Get Fucked Up Awards are here… and more!...

Weekly Zeitgeist 204 (Best of 11/29/21-12/3/21)

Dec 5 • 01:21:56

Check out this episode of The Pleasure is Ours! Is "Don't Quit Your Day Job" An All-Out Burn?

Dec 4 • 21:01

Is "Don't Quit Your Day Job" decent advice...or just a not-so-subtle way to tell someone you think they suck? Well, who better to debate the matter at hand than our Season 2 hosts, the dudes from Workaholics?! Join Adam "Boner Breaker" Devine, Anders "Nipple Play" Holm, Blake "Handjob Assassin" Anderson, and Kyle "Sneakin' In The Shadows" Newacheck as they find the subtle ...

Minnesota: Land of Trend Thousand Lakes 12/3: Ron DeSantis, Joel Osteen, Red Notice, Salt Bae, John Eastman, Ethan Crumbley

Dec 3 • 21:35

In this edition of Minnesota: Land of Trend Thousand Lakes, Jack and Miles discuss Ron DeSantis suggesting Florida get its own military, Joel Osteen's toilets overflowing with money, the complete lack of buzz around 'Red Notice', the 'Salt Bae' restaurant manager justifying their high prices, John Eastman pleading the 5th, and Ethan Crumbley's parents being charged with ma...

OMG Omicron? Have Sex In The Home Alone House! 12.3.21

Dec 3 • 01:19:07

In episode 1042, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and writer Ellie McElvain to discuss Omicron Update - What We Know, Mark Meadows in dire need of spinal transplant…, YOU CAN RENT THE FUCKIN McCALLISTER HOME FOR ONE NIGHT!, Here Comes the Conservative Children’s Book Trend and more!...

Montana: Big Zeit Country 12/2: Arsenal, Joe Biden, National Board of Review, MLB, Susan Sarandon, Tom Cruise

Dec 3 • 23:27

NASA’s Asteroid Plan Is BORING, No Mo’ Cuomo 12.02.21

Dec 2 • 01:12:39

In episode 1041, Jack and Miles are joined by Life As A Gringo's DJ Dramos to discuss CUOMO OUT V2, Republicans Positioning Selves As … Pro Covid Party? Going to Shut Government Down Over Vaccines And Testing, NASA’s Killer Asteroid Plan Isn’t Like ‘Armageddon' at All and more!...

New Jersey: The Gartrend State 12/1: Roe v. Wade, Peng Shuai, Spotify Wrapped, Stacey Abrams, NBA, FedEx

Dec 1 • 29:55

Epstein’s Pilot Speaks, Elon Musk Stars In Horrible Bosses 12.01.21

Dec 1 • 01:09:59

In episode 1040, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Sara June to discuss Trump Flew On Lolita Express - Maybe We Will Learn Stuff From the Maxwell Trial Afterall??, Dems have FINALLY got their priorities straight - they’re going after...bots?, Stephen Paddock Was Probably A Right Wing Extremist, Speaking of Islamophobia…, Elon Musk And Why Privatization Isn’t Always A G...

New Mexico: The Land of Enchantrend 11/30: Rihanna, Christmas Movies, Mark Meadows, Santa, Parag Agrawal, Amazon

Nov 30 • 25:11

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