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Every weekday, tune in to the Daily Shine, a podcast-meets-meditation that helps you calm your anxiety and build self-care skills. Join us for a moment to breathe, show kindness to yourself, and set a self-care intention for your day. Download the Shine app—named Apple's Best of 2020—in the AppRead more

Popular episodes

Be Kind to Your Emotions

Dec 3 • 10:14

It’s easy to have feelings about our feelings—especially those of guilt or shame. But you deserve to greet all your emotions with kindness. Give yourself permission to feel all of your valid, human emotions with today's meditation. Voiced by Mel Chanté....

Notice What's New

Dec 2 • 10:19

When our days start to feel repetitive: We can shift our mindset to cultivate a sense of newness and boost our mood. Today, we dive into a meditation practice designed to help us practice seeing our lives in a new light. Voiced by Mel Chanté....

Breathe Deeply

Dec 1 • 09:50

Deep breathing exercises are not only a great way to release stress and anxiety, but are also an effective way to recover from being sick, including COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. Join us for a few beginner’s deep breathing exercises today. Written by Stephanie Simpson. Voiced by Elisha Mudly....

Comparison v. Compassion

Nov 30 • 11:01

Each person is on their own journey through life, so it’s important to release ourselves from the pressure of “keeping up” with others. In today’s meditation, remind yourself that you're already enough. Voiced by Mel Chanté....

Feel Steady This Week

Nov 29 • 12:57

Instead of aiming for “perfect balance” each week, what if we focused on simply feeling steady? In this practice, explore what “steady” means for you this week. Grab that journal! Voiced by Mel Chanté....

Practice Community Care

Nov 26 • 10:23

We are strong together. Join Mel for a meditation on community care, exploring how you can use your time and energy to show up for the people in your life. Voiced by Mel Chanté....

Find Your Gratitude

Nov 25 • 08:54

Today, we're celebrating Thanksgiving and counting our blessings with a gratitude practice. Join Mel for a gratitude exercise to help us brainstorm the things you’re thankful for. Voiced by Mel Chanté....

Ocean Breathing

Nov 24 • 09:59

“If the ocean can calm itself, so can you.” - Poet Nayyirah Waheed. Today, we look to the ocean to inspire our visualization and breath practice.

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Be Direct With Your Needs

Nov 23 • 09:24

When having tough conversations, it's helpful to speak with compassionate directness—balancing clarity with kindness. In today’s exercise, we’ll explore what speaking with both honesty and understanding means to you. Voiced by Mel Chanté....

Find Your Way Forward

Nov 22 • 13:20

We all go through moments of feeling stuck. With today’s meditation, learn how to extend compassion to yourself when your next step is unclear and an exercise to find your way forward. Grab that journal!...

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