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Preview: The Dawn of Everything - A New History of Humanity

Nov 27 • 32:50

On this podcast a couple weeks ago I explored “The Great Stage Theory Debate”, a controversy kicked off by a tweet from Nora Bateson that said that developmental theory is “BS, colonial as hell and has got to go.”...

The Great Stage-Theory Debate - “Colonial BS” or “True and Humane”?

Oct 28 • 34:50

Is developmental theory valid? Is it even moral? This is the gauntlet laid down by author Nora Bateson in a cheeky tweet that launched a thousand comments:...

Bite Size: Experiencing Integral – 20 minutes - Letters from Second Tier

Oct 28 • 20:19

Bite Size Evolver: Racism through the stages – 13 minutes - A integral answer to the question, "Is it racist?"

Oct 28 • 13:11

Bite Size: Everyone Has a Piece of the Truth – 3 minutes - How to integrate, not conquer, opposing worldviews

Oct 26 • 03:26

Bite Size: Quick intro to Jeff’s work on the Daily Evolver – 16 minutes - Applying integral theory to the issues of the day

Oct 25 • 16:18

Bite Size: Think Your Way to God? – 14 minutes - Considering Ross Douthat's arguments for a rational path to the Divine

Oct 25 • 14:37

Bite Size Evolver: Moral Development – 5 minutes - Animals are people too!

Oct 24 • 04:41

Post-Progressivism Meets Academic Philosophy - Guest: David Storey, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

Oct 8 • 01:22:04

Welcome to a new episode of Post Progressive Inquiries, where my co-host Steve McIntosh and I talk with people who are co-creating the next stage of human development....

When Meditation Goes Wrong - Hidden dangers in Western Buddhism and the mindfulness movement - Guest, Dan Lawton

Sep 24 • 44:19

I have studied, taught and practiced meditation for over 30 years. I consider meditation, arising in its endless variations, to be indispensable to spiritual development and I sing its praises regularly on this podcast....

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