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Hi I'm Layla London. I'm just the girl next door who recently decided to explore her sexuality. After a 3.5 year, self imposed, dry spell I woke up one day and said "What the heck am I doing to myself?". Why have I just shut off that side of my sexuality? I need physical contact badly. I decidedRead more

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Welcome To The Honey Pot

Nov 27 • 42:36

I have the co-creators of Honey Pot Lube, Denis and Jessie, on the show today. They share their backstory of marrying as "intercourse virgins" and how they deepen their connection to each other through sex. We're getting into how they went on to create Honey Pot Lube, a CBD infused personal lubricant, so that sex could be better for everyone....

Casual Sex Taught me All This

Nov 23 • 38:14

It’s Just Sex

Nov 20 • 45:06

Today I'm sharing some out takes from other podcasts I've recently guested on. We're covering dating struggles, how to take charge and get satisfied in the bedroom, and why sex gets put on the back burner and how to change that....

How I Orgasm

Nov 16 • 01:00:38

Today's episode was inspired by a listener and his question about female orgasms. I'm digging deep into my orgasm history and how it's evolved over the years. First stop is well before being The Curious Girl was even on my radar! It's a journey through lovers past that I know most women can relate to, and the secrets we keep surrounding our orgasms....

Men Of Means

Nov 13 • 56:42

Today's guest is Solay Rad. He's the founder of where men can go deeper into their Alpha sides, get their dicks tuned up, and reach a place of overall self mastery. Solay has gone from hanging out at the Playboy mansion, making millions, and running in celebrity circles to his current state of conscious celibacy and helping successful men find fulfillment....

Discover Your Kink

Nov 9 • 51:28

Do you have a kinky side? Is there a secret kinkster in you just waiting to get out? I'm on a site, FetLife, that has broken down the top 100 kinks. Let's explore these kinks and see what appeals to you, what appeals to me, and also define some hard limits. If you're interested in spicing things up and adding some more kink to your sex life this episode will get you going ...

Tough Titties

Nov 6 • 01:23:42

Today's guest is the host of Tough Titties Podcast. She and I sit down and really get into modern day dating, shittiest Christmas gifts we've ever received, dick pics, hilarious bad dates, and do men really need their dicks sucked?...

Penetrate My Mind

Nov 2 • 27:45

It's about the big "C"....... communication. Most people aren't comfortable with it, avoid it, and get down right lazy about it. But if you want to have amazing blow your mind sex with a partner you've got to do it. ...

Diet For Great Sex

Oct 30 • 43:03

Chrisitne DeLozier, the author of Diet For Great Sex, is on the show today. We're talking about how diet affects the trifecta of great sex. Let's increase rather than hamper that pleasure. Ever wonder what some great date night foods would be, things to stimulate the libido, it's all in this episode....

Damn,I've Bought Into Sexual Myths!

Oct 26 • 40:27

I'm debunking some of the most commonly sexually accepted myths. And believe me some of these are so dissapointing. Things you'd always believed were true and factual actually have no proof to back them up! Here's what's being debunked the G-spot, average penis size,clitoral nerve endings vs. the penis, peeing after sex, male refractory period, and actual study that isolat...

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