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The Cure for Chronic Pain with Nicole Sachs, LCSW

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Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW is a speaker, writer, and psychotherapist who has dedicated her life and her practice to the treatment of chronic pain and conditions. She is the author of The Meaning of Truth, and the online course: FREEDOM FROM CHRONIC PAIN. Through her personal journey working directlyRead more

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156: Episode 156 - Reducing the Power of Fears and Phobias

Nov 12 • 44:51
Fear and phobias can punctuate our lives with reactions, blockages, and continued trauma. Today on the pod I discuss one of my own - my most terrifying - the fear of vomit and vomiting. Trigger warning - we will be discussing this issue, but not gratuitously. I won't be recounting gross details more than necessary. But if you don't feel comfortable with this conversation, ...

155: Episode 155 - Trauma Responses and Freedom from Anxiety with Angela

Nov 5 • 01:00:57
WELCOME BACK TO YOU, ME, ALL OF US! Yay, happy podcast day. I'm rejuvenated from my weeks off and ready to bring you more inspiring and helpful info, stories, and human connection. Today we have an incredible follow up story from a RTH that I did about a year ago with Angela. She has been on quite the ride, and has gone through many stages of healing. Her story is one of a...

BONUS EPISODE: Lisa Schlosberg's New Pod! The Fundamentals of Mind-Body Healing with Nicole Sachs, LCSW

Nov 1 • 56:41
Hello friends! As I get ready to bring the pod back, I am taking this opportunity to debut my friend and colleague Lisa Schlosberg's very brand new baby. Lisa has been inspiring people for years with her own work, and in the beautiful ways in which she carries the message of mine. I hope you enjoy this interview we did together!

Nicole Sachs, LCSW shares her story and expla...


Oct 8 • 34:19
Wouldn't you know it! The moment I try to take a break from this podcast, we hit a milestone I can't ignore: TWO MILLION DOWNLOADS! So, I thought a great way to mark this occasion would be to reprise one the most effective episodes in explaining what we're doing here: the foundation of JournalSpeak and why it can help you. So, in that effort, I am replaying "Toxic Perfecti...

153: Episode 153 - Burnout, Self-Worth, and Self-Pity

Oct 1 • 33:14
We all define burnout in our own ways. What I mean by this is that only you can know when you're really on the edge of losing your joy and energy for life. I have felt this edge lately. For this reason, I am deciding - finally - to practice a bit of self-care around my content creation. It has been nearly 3 years, and I have never missed a week of this podcast. In order to...

152: Episode 152 - Back Pain, Sciatica, Coccydynia, and Unnecessary Surgery with Jacqueline

Sep 24 • 01:00:54
Jacqueline was always a "good girl" - putting pressure on herself to get straight A's, be thin and pretty, and always be the light for other people. When her debilitating back pain began in her 20's, she had no idea that those behaviors could possibility have anything to do with it. After two surgeries, and pain that kept moving around, Jacqueline found Dr. Sarno and my wo...

151: Episode 151 - Trauma Bonding

Sep 17 • 29:46
We all do it, and most of it is unconscious. We "seek" out relationships - friendships and love relationships - that mirror unresolved ones from childhood. Sometimes people treat us with neglect, abuse, shaming, gaslighting, judgement. Sometimes they are overidentified with us, enmeshed, codependent. Whatever we are used to (but also were hurt by) tends to be what we uncon...

150: Episode 150 - REAL TIME HEAL - Childhood Trauma, Back Pain, Depression, and More with Mariel

Sep 10 • 59:28
My interview with Mariel started out as a success story - because she is! Mariel was so debilitated with pain that she was actively contemplating ending her life, and now she is amazing with 80% of her severe pain gone. But as we continued with the conversation, it became clear that a RTH was in store, in order to give Mariel all the tools she needs to thrive for a lifetim...

149: Episode 149 - The Real Reason Parenting is Hard

Sep 3 • 35:31
We all feel so overwhelmed by the needs of others, and the way it feels to withstand their struggles - whether it be our children, or other significant people in our lives. But what if our suffering over their suffering is really about us, and the ways in which we've been hurt or traumatized? Today on the pod we discuss how our deepest struggles can seem like they are abou...

148: Episode 148 - Post Viral Myalgia, Anxiety, Vertigo and more with Shelly

Aug 27 • 57:26
Wow - Shelly had so many diagnoses I had to pick just a few to put on the title of this episode. She was also dealing with many heavy life stressors. In the end, Shelly is grateful for the pain, as she was brought to this work and it saved her life. Shelly's journey is so inspirational, and she brings great advice to anyone moving through this process of healing - most imp...

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