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Teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, educational technology -- if it has something to do with teaching, we're talking about it. Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets,Read more

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181: Teachers are being silenced. What can be done about it?

Nov 27 • 54:59

How is the anti-CRT movement harming and silencing teachers, what damage will it ultimately do to students, and what can be done to fight it? ...

EduTip 5: Use huddles to communicate during group work.

Nov 7 • 03:08

180: Make Units More Inspiring with Vision Boards

Oct 31 • 35:28

Planning instructional units can be less than exciting when all you have to deal with is words and more words. Creating a vision board at the beginning of a unit can generate fresh enthusiasm and help you focus on what truly matters. In this episode, teachers Amanda Cardenas and Marie Morris share how vision boards work in their classrooms....

EduTip 4: Hold off on most feedback until AFTER a task is done.

Oct 24 • 04:01

179: Teachers are barely hanging on. Here's what they need.

Oct 20 • 30:18

EduTip3: Distract the Distractor

Oct 10 • 04:39

178: Street Data: A Pathway Toward Equitable, Anti-Racist Schools

Oct 4 • 55:31

Many well-intended efforts to make schools more equitable often fail because we're trying to make them work inside a system that's a terrible fit for them. What's been missing is a whole-school approach that creates a path forward that is radically different from what we've done before. In this episode, I talk with the authors of the book Street Data—Shane Safir and Jamila...

EduTip2: Don't yell at another teacher's class.

Sep 26 • 05:18

177: How to Find, Read, and Use Academic Research

Sep 20 • 01:12:15

You want to know that your instructional decisions are supported by research, but you're not exactly sure where to find that research or how to read it correctly. In this episode, educational psychologist Kripa Sundar gives me a mini-course in how to dig up high-quality research, how to read and interpret it, and what we need to keep in mind about how academic research works....

EduTip 1: Don't make them read and listen at the same time.

Sep 12 • 04:04

Welcome to EduTips, a side project of the Cult of Pedagogy podcast where I share one quick tidbit of educational research, teaching ideas, classroom management strategies, or sometimes just a quick story. This first EduTip is DON'T MAKE THEM READ AND LISTEN AT THE SAME TIME. This is a mistake I see so many teachers, speakers, and other presenters make, and it's so easy to ...

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