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Welcome to the Cryptonaut Podcast hosted by Marc Storrs, Chris Carnicelli and Rob Morphy. Exploring everything from Aliens, Cryptozoology, Cryptids, Ghosts, Monsters, The Occult, Paranormal Phenomenon, UFOs, Ufology and Unsolved Mysteries .... all while keeping a close eye on our reptilianRead more

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#218: The Horrible Hag Of Detroit

Nov 29 • 01:01:18

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#217: Ultra-Cryptids: The Weird Ones

Nov 22 • 01:10:35

Cryptozoological lore is littered with creatures that seem to defy classification, but even within this motley menagerie there exist critters so bizarre that they force us to shake our collective heads at their sheer strangeness and perplexing array of seemingly supernatural abilities that range from telekinesis and levitation to self-illumination and armored skin... Welco...

#216: The Ilkley Moor Alien

Nov 15 • 01:14:09

A single grainy photograph of a bizarre, gangly, quasi-humanoid figure is the only evidence that remains of one of Great Britain’s most notorious and controversial alien abduction cases. UFO Case Book: Photo Reference ...

#215: The Wild World Of Harrison Bailey Part 2

Nov 8 • 01:34:02

In the hopes of unlocking repressed memories of a bizarre incident that occurred nearly a quarter of a century before, Rev. Harrison E. Bailey agreed to undergo hypnotic regression whereupon he opened a Pandora's Box of recollections involving missing time, alien abduction, bizarre insects, psychokinetic assault and a small army of shrieking frog-like fiends. Controversia...

#214: The Wild World Of Harrison Bailey Part 1

Nov 1 • 59:37

In the late summer of 1951, an industrious Indiana steel worker braved the elements in a show of support for his favorite baseball team when he had a series of encounter with an inexplicable Oz-like whirlwind and a pair of tiny, green helmeted UFO occupants that would forever change the course of his life in what is one of the least discussed, yet most astonishing, alien a...

#213: Porch Nibbler And The Pumpkin Heads

Oct 25 • 01:07:44

Halloween, more than any other time of the year, seems to usher in an inexplicable array of often terrifying and always extraordinary entities. Is this merely coincidence or are there unfathomable forces at work that not only fuel our fascination for the macabre, but unleash the dark denizens who strike fear in our collective hearts?...

#212: The Wee Devils Of Barcelona

Oct 18 • 01:00:04

In the early 1970s, a pair sharing a hotel room had a bizarre and terrifying encounter with a trio of inhuman entities, which some believe to be of diabolical origin and others insist are alien....

#211: Black Terrors Of The Woods

Oct 11 • 01:01:58

For decades unsuspecting individuals—from experienced hunters to frolicking youths—claimed to have come face-to-hideous-face with what seems to be members of an unknown, cabal of ebony entities that are evidently lurking in the forests along the United State’s east coast. Here are two terrifying tales of just such encounters....

#210: House Of The Faceless People / The Mount Washington Incident

Oct 4 • 01:06:54

2 for 1 Mystery Bag Monday! ...

#209: Night Siege: The Missing Children of El Yunque

Sep 27 • 01:16:06

Like Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch, Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest is a seeming supernova of often alarming and always perplexing paranormal phenomena and in the early 1970s, a group of campers would have a series of increasingly terrifying encounters with a trio enigmatic entities and a pack of monsters that held them hostage in a nightlong siege of unrelenting horror....

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