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The Cryptid Factor

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Rhys Darby, Dan Schreiber, David Farrier and 'Buttons' bring you The Cryptid Factor - a show dedicated to the weird and the wonderful, and in particular, Cryptozoology. Hear the team passionately (and often awkwardly) discuss animals yet to be proven by science - like the Mongolian Death Worm,Read more

Popular episodes

68: #068 The Come Back Special - Bumper Issue

Sep 15 • 01:30:41
An incredible 'Schreiber Unveil' was meant to see this episode be all about the phenom of ‘Past Life Experiences’, but as per usual, we just couldn't stay on task - so now this episode also includes the art of 'No Blink' and 'Light Cry' acting, Coast Guards with hamster wheel problems, and experts who will never reply to Buttons ever again. Oh, and some zombie fish and sto...

67: #067 The Buzz Bingo Issue

Aug 10 • 58:37

66: #066 The Quoting Issue

Jul 29 • 01:13:08

65: #65 The Missing Pigeons Issue

Jul 13 • 49:41
Welcome to episode 65, where we're lucky Rhys is present due to self inflicted partying - and lucky Dan is alive due to self inflicted poisoning! Also in this ep you'll discover 50 pilot sky-spider collectors, lots of lost pigeons, an eating restrictor/ventriloquism training device and we find prehistoric man Dennis Oven in a Chinese well! Also Loch Less news and a spooky ...

64: #064 The UAP Report Issue

Jun 28 • 55:18
Welcome to the UAP Report special edition. This episode was recorded live as the Pentagon released it's long awaited report on the UFO/UAP situation - and as you'd rightly imagine, we cover the report with delft professionalism and deep insight - Dan even reports live from Buckingham Palace to check if the Queen comments! Also in this ep - Rapisode 5 (yay!), invisible scul...

63: #063 The Paradox Issue

Jun 22 • 01:11:22

62: #062 The IIVI Issue

May 1 • 01:12:47
In this jammed-packed, over-time issue we kick off with the next ep of the Rapisodes. Then Rhys gets an annoying internets service inserted in his head - then Dan gets a haunted book - then Buttons brings joystick monkeys. Then we hear of over-loved chandeliers, fireproof artwork fire-suits, misplaced space trees and cryptid croissants. We then get a small tease of a big c...

61: #061 The Other Podcasts Issue

Apr 14 • 01:08:28
Well, If you hoping this show wouldn't get any more chaotic - then we have some bad news for you. In here Rhys busts out the worlds first Rapisode, Dan gets fooled by a Schnart, a Badger and a River Walrus, and Buttons reveals his get rich quick scheme - painfully slowly. Theres also intel on how to become immortal, a Squatch thumb bone under a rug in a river, an Uncle ske...

60: #060 The Long Dong Issue

Mar 29 • 57:14
Well, it was only a matter of time that the show went to the gutter and the guys started resorting to toilet humor, and sadly, this show is it - though apparently it's all in the name of science(!!). Outside of that nonsense, there's also some normal nonsense - like glowing mermaids, a new 'official' Loch Ness sighting, a Mothman sighted on Google Maps, and some new lifefo...

59: #059 The Poignancy Issue

Mar 15 • 01:05:41

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