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The Crown: The Official Podcast

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The Crown: The Official Podcast is the exclusive companion podcast to accompany the Netflix Original Series The Crown. Hosted by Edith Bowman, the podcast follows the show episode by episode, diving deep into the stories and taking listeners behind the scenes with insights from many of the peopleRead more

Popular episodes

Bonus Episode: Season 4 Cast and Creatives in Conversation

Aug 26 • 34:52

Bonus Episode : Season 4 Cast and Creatives in Conversation....

Episode 10: War

Dec 10 • 43:18

Margaret Thatcher's position as Prime Minister hangs in the balance as members of her cabinet turn against her. Meanwhile, Princess Diana is set to take on her first official solo trip overseas to New York, despite Prince Charles’ doubts. Will Thatcher be able to secure her position? Will Diana's trip be a success?  Is war the only way forward?...

Episode 9: Avalanche

Dec 7 • 40:05

It’s 1988 and Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage is at an all-time low. After Prince Charles narrowly escapes death in an avalanche whilst skiing, Diana becomes determined to reconcile their relationship. However, the near-death experience has the opposite effect on Charles, who vows to find a way to be free of the marriage and be with Camilla. ...

Episode 8: 48:1

Dec 3 • 38:29

The Queen finds herself at odds with her Prime Minister as Margaret Thatcher refuses to join the 48 other Commonwealth nations in backing sanctions on Apartheid South Africa. The Queen and Thatcher come to blows over the issue, and their fallout becomes public knowledge after the story is leaked to the press frominside the palace....

Episode 7: The Hereditary Principle

Nov 30 • 42:23

It's 1985 and Princess Margaret is at an all-time low. She's lonely, her health is failing, and she loses her status as Councillor of State when Prince Edward turns 21. At her lowest point, Margaret discovers a terrible family secret that two of her first cousins who she believed dead have been institutionalised for decades. In search of answers, she comes to believe that ...

Episode 6: Terra Nullius

Nov 26 • 36:16

The year is 1983 and two years into their marriage Prince Charles and Princess Diana are sent on a 6-week tour of Australia and New Zealand. It’s Diana’s first official royal overseas tour as The Princess of Wales, and at her insistence, a 9-month-old Prince William is brought along as well. Away from prying eyes, Charles and Diana rekindle their relationship, but as Diana...

Episode 5: Fagan

Nov 23 • 41:24

It’s 1982 and ordinary citizensare suffering under Thatcher’s economic policies. One such person is Michael Fagan, who decides to break into Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen to step in and help people like himself. Elizabeth is left feeling more remote from her subjects than ever as security is stepped up and her concerns over the impact of Thatcher’s policies are ignore...

Episode 4: Favourites

Nov 19 • 44:36

Devastated by her son Mark goingmissing in the desert whilst competing in the Paris-Dakar rally, Margaret Thatcher reveals to theQueen that she prefers him to her daughter. Shocked that a mother can have a favourite, the Queen embarks on one-on-one meetings with her four children in a bid to get to know them better, and consider the family legacy she will one day leave beh...

Episode 3: Fairytale

Nov 16 • 44:29

It’s 1981 and Prince Charles has proposed to Lady Diana Spencer. The Queen decides to move the 19-year-old bride into Buckingham Palace to prepare her for life as a royal, while Prince Charles jets off on an overseas tour. In his absence, Diana discovers the true nature of Charles’s ‘friendship’ with Camilla Parker Bowles and as the wedding fast approaches, what began as a...

Episode 2: The Balmoral Test

Nov 16 • 40:24

Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis are invited to holiday at Balmoral, the royal residency in rural Scotland. As the pressure for Prince Charles to find a wife mounts, Lady Diana Spencer is also invited to join for a weekend. But who will sink and who will swim in the eyes of the royal family?...

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