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S3E4. In Conversation With Carly Brown Part 1

Dec 3 • 56:47

And today's guest on Once Upon a Timeline has one of those great stories. The hugely talented Carly Brown has worked on a unique range of genres as she rose up the editing ladder. From short promos to quick turnaround sport's shows to documentaries and all the way up to high-end drama....

S3E3. In Defence of Jump Cuts

Nov 26 • 30:07

But without an in depth look at why they happen and all of the many ways we can actually benefit from them, we'll never look at them as anything but an inconvenience....

S3E2. The Chameleon Effect: Working With Directors

Nov 19 • 34:20

In this week's episode of Once Upon a Timeline I discuss the power balance in the edit suite and all of the psychological aspects at play. What do directors want? How do they think? What do they need from us outside of our creativity?...

S3E1. Story Arcs: What Every Creative Editor Needs to Know

Nov 12 • 39:46

S2E17. Gear Acquisition Syndrome: The Curse of The Modern Filmmaker

Jul 2 • 31:53

The emphasis on kit and keeping up with all of the latest equipment really does negate the one true aspect of filmmaking which we should all be focusing on more than anything else. It's also the thing our audiences love to see....

S2E16. The 3 Most Important Words in Editing

Jun 18 • 34:23

They save us, they help us and they make sense in a world full of chaos. Like a thousand editors before me, I've spent large parts of my career using these words to construct the essential journalistic structure and logic of so many scenes....

S2E15. Embracing Complexity: The Essential Guide to Edit Intelligence

Jun 11 • 36:21

On this week's show I'm going to break down and talk through all of the advantages to this perishable skill and show that there are many art forms that can teach us how to embrace complexity....

S2E14. Edit ROI: Maximising Creative Investment

Jun 4 • 33:22

Care and attention need to be paid to how we structure our edit, but we must also take a deeper look at how we get a huge return on every creative investment we make on the timeline....

S2E13. Creative Pruning: Cultivating The Garden On Our Timeline

May 27 • 31:23

Nothing should leave our edit suite without us making it the very best it can be and going through and pruning all of the last details to make sure everything is perfect is essential....

S2E12. The Ruthless Art of Subtraction

May 13 • 37:08

But there’s one place where we actually need to be amoral, Machiavellian and downright ruthless and that place is the timeline. Developing an unsentimental attitude to the vast majority of our raw footage is not just a good idea, it’s essential to our creative survival.

If we don’t master the art of subtracting content and never looking back we’ll never meet a deadline or b...

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