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Audio version of The Convivial Society, a newsletter exploring the intersections of technology, society, and the moral life.

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You Can't Optimize For Rest

Dec 1 • 17:10

Pity, Power, and Presence

Oct 11 • 18:39

A World Ordered Only By Search

Oct 7 • 28:59

Notes from the Metaverse (Audio Version)

Sep 13 • 25:29
A week after the fact, here is the audio version of the last installment: “Notes from the Metaverse.” Ordinarily, the audio version accompanies the essay, but in this case you’re getting it a bit later. Nothing new in this version, so if you’ve already read the essay, feel free to disregard. But for those of you who do prefer listening, here you go, with my apologies for ...

Nice Image You've Got There. Shame If It Got Memed.

Aug 26 • 17:24

Outsourcing Virtue

Aug 18 • 17:03
The dream of systems so perfect no one will need to be good remains explicitly compelling in many quarters. It is also tacitly embedded in the practices fostered by many of our devices, tools, and institutions. So it’s worth thinking about how this dream manifests itself today and why it can so easily take on a nightmarish quality. 

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Ill With Want (Audio Version)

Jul 20 • 18:08

Thresholds of Artificiality

Jul 6 • 11:50
The story of a human retreat from this world, either to the stars above or the virtual realm within, can mask a disregard for or resignation about what is done with the world we do have, both in terms of the structures of human societies and the non-human world within which they are rooted.

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The Questions Concerning Technology

Jun 5 • 11:12

Surviving the Show: Illich And The Case For An Askesis of Perception

May 27 • 28:26

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