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Each week we talk to academic experts around the world to help unpick the context behind the headlines – and hear from scholars carrying out brand new research about how the world works. A podcast from The Conversation. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Popular episodes

Planet pharma: what the industry got out of COVID

Dec 2 • 41:46

After nearly two years of COVID, how is the pharmaceutical industry faring? In this episode, we explore where drug companies were before the arrival of COVID and how they performed financially during the pandemic. And we hear about the ongoing tensions between profits and equitable access to vaccines....

How abortion access is changing around the world

Nov 25 • 43:42

Justices on the US Supreme Court are considering two challenges to abortion restrictions that could have wide-reaching implications for access to abortion across the country. In this episode, we look at what's at stake, and how else abortion laws are changing around the world....

Glasgow Climate Pact: what happened at COP26 and what it means for the world

Nov 18 • 50:15

What did the Glasgow COP26 climate change summit actually achieve? In this episode, we're joined by Jack Marley, energy and environment editor for The Conversation in the UK, as we speak to researchers from around the world to get their views on the negotiations and what needs to happen now. ...

Ten years to 1.5°C: how climate anxiety is affecting young people around the world

Nov 11 • 39:48

We speak to a climate scientist who just updated a clock he created that counts down the seconds until the world reaches 1.5°C of global warming. And we hear from experts about the latest research evidence on climate anxiety – what it is, how common it is around the world and what to do about it. ...

Tigray: the devastating toll of Ethiopia's vicious year of war

Nov 4 • 46:29

A year since war broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, conflict in the country is intensifying. In this episode, we talk to two experts about the worsening humanitarian situation in Tigray and the international community’s response to the conflict....

Degrowth: why some economists think abandoning growth is the only way to save the planet

Oct 28 • 36:48

Some economists have long argued that to really save the planet – and ourselves – from the climate crisis, we need a fundamental overhaul of the way our economies work. In this episode, we explore the ideas of the degrowth movement and their calls for a contraction in the world’s consumption of energy and resources. We also compare degrowth to other post-growth proposals f...

Taiwan: what is China's long-term strategy?

Oct 21 • 46:39

As military tensions run high once again across the Taiwan Strait, we talk to two experts about China’s longer-term reunification strategy – and what that means for Taiwan. Featuring Wen-Ti Sung, sessional lecturer in Taiwan Studies at the Australian National University and Olivia Cheung, research fellow at the SOAS China Institute at SOAS University of London. ...

Explaining the 2021 Nobel Prizes: how touch works, a better way to make medicine and the fiction of Abdulrazak Gurnah

Oct 14 • 44:06

Six prize announcements later, 12 men and one woman from 11 countries are now settling down to their new lives as Nobel laureates. In this episode, we delve into the scientific discoveries around touch and organic catalysts awarded the 2021 prizes in medicine and chemistry. And we talk to a friend and collaborator of Abdulrazak Gurnah, the Tanzanian writer awarded the Nobe...

New clues to consciousness + AI helps finish Beethoven's 10th symphony

Oct 7 • 47:31

What’s happening in our brains to create consciousness? In this episode we hear from two scientists uncovering clues to where dopamine fits into this mystery. It could help the recovery of people with severe brain injuries. ...

Germany election winners, losers, and how the Greens emerged as kingmakers + the benefits of saunas

Sep 30 • 39:59

After Germany’s recent election, coalition talks are now underway to determine the composition of the next government and who will succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor. We speak to three experts about what the results tell us about German voters’ priorities – and dig into the history of the Greens, now one of the kingmakers in coalition negotiations. ...

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