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The Compulsive Storyteller with Gregg LeFevre


A podcast of short personal stories by visual artist and lifelong storyteller Gregg LeFevre. Gregg's life has always been about telling stories including his public art works all over America that tell the forgotten stories of small towns and big cities. The stories he tells on the podcast are moreRead more

Popular episodes

Dysfunctional Family Fun

Nov 24 • 11:14

This week's episode, entitled "Dysfunctional Family Fun" takes us on my highly dysfunctional family’s last weekend camping trip together. On our ill-fated boat trip to an island in Lake George, we encounter almost every mishap and disaster known to man. Some high comedy, others dark tragedy....

Divers and Dealers

Nov 10 • 14:09

In this week's episode, entitled Divers and Dealers, I'm spending the summer with my girlfriend at her place in a small lobster fishing village with just as many drug smugglers as lobstermen. What starts out as an idyllic getaway goes south when an ill conceived joke makes me an enemy of the close knit community. Just how much will this one mistake cost me?...

Tia Part III: Old Dog New Tricks

Oct 27 • 10:27

This week's episode, entitled “Old Dog, New Tricks” takes us to Provincetown on Cape Cod. It is the final episode of a trilogy about the life of a well loved dog named Tia. It chronicles her final years and proves that an old dog can learn new tricks....

Mr. Lefevre Sucks

Oct 13 • 14:14

In this week’s episode, entitledMr LeFevre Sucks, I start a new teaching job in a grade school in the South Bronx. After overcoming some initial distrust, I share many funny moments with my classes. I also learn a good deal about growing up in poverty in a neighborhood forgotten by the City and its services, and the amazing resilience of my 12 year old students....

Touching the Sky

Sep 29 • 12:16

Our next episode of this new season is entitled Touching the Sky, we find a famous blind Indian writer visiting my studio. He’s never seen a skyscraper and plans to feel the relief work on my collection of bronze depictions of New York City architecture to discover what these tall buildings really look like. The whole experiment is a total failure, but not in the way you m...

Pig Stories

Sep 15 • 12:40

We are back for a new season of the Compulsive Storyteller!Pigs are the smartest, most independent and mischievous barnyard animals, and I love asking pig farmers to share their favorite stories. This week's episode features three tales from my Pig Stories collection. FIrst up is a story about the dangers of a pig farmer raising his own pet pig . Next we visit a roadside a...

Summer Rewind: Chuck E and the Princess

Sep 1 • 21:48

Out last week of the Summer Rewind, we revisit another episode from a past season. This episode, entitled "Chuck E and the Princess" takes us to the end of the road, deep in the jungles of Costa Rica, where a chance meeting with an old flame leads to an invitation to her tea plantation where my involvement in a love triangle almost costs me my head....

Summer Rewind: The Man of the House

Aug 18 • 13:51

As we continue our Summer Rewind, we revist another story from the archives. "The Man of the House", takes us back to my 12th year, when my best friend Larry Jennings and I decide to spend our summer building a tree fort. When the DIY construction gets deemed an eyesore by the neighboring adults, our summer fun ends in disaster and foreshadows much bigger disasters on the ...

Summer Rewind: Cops and Hookers

Aug 4 • 14:11

On this week of our Summer Rewind we are revisiting another episode from our archives. "Cops and Hookers" takes us to Dallas Texas, where my crew and I are installing a series of large bronze history reliefs in the plaza in front of the new Police Headquarters. Meanwhile back at our motel, there are some shady deals afoot that involve the  Dallas police as well. Additional...

Summer Rewind: Whipped Cream

Jul 21 • 11:41

This week we are starting our Summer Rewind where we revisit previous episodes. This week's episode, Whipped Cream,  has my Dad and I sitting down to dinner to discuss my stolen inheritance and to meet his new wife Winnie. After an indecent incident with some whipped cream I storm out. What follows is a comedy of errors that results in me rethinking my relationship with my...

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