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The Impact of Hybrid Events w/ Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Jul 29 • 12:45

Learn more about Anne-Marie:...

How to Reward your Superusers w/ Maddie Johannsen

Jul 22 • 14:47

EP102: Getting Started With Hybrid Events w/ Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Jul 15 • 12:49
Today, we’re joined by Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel, Event Manager @ Bevy & CMX. This is the first of four interviews with Ann-Marie about Hybrid Events. For Ann-Marie, hybrid events are bridging the engagement gap with technology, taking the past and the present, and innovating the future. To plan your hybrid event strategy, start by documenting the event brief clearly as a ...

EP101: Inclusive Fan Communities w/ John Todd

Jul 8 • 16:58
Today, we’re joined by John Todd, Director, Community Experience at Fandom, a global entertainment media platform powered by passionate communities of fans of everything related to pop culture. John helps Fandom to optimize its fan experience to improve engagement and retention metrics. At Fandom, growth metrics are focused on community creation, exploration, engagement, a...

EP100: Making Community Work For Your Organization w/ Phoebe Shin Venkat

Jul 1 • 17:31
Today, we’re joined by Phoebe Shin Venkat, Former Director, Community Strategy at Okta, an online access management platform with over ten thousand B2B customers. Phoebe believes that every community manager has their own style based on their unique experience and how they choose to help and support people. She also advocates a bottom-up approach of stakeholder buy-in that...

EP99: CMX Summit 2021: Rise

Jun 24 • 22:30
Today, we’re joined by David Spinks, Co-Founder at CMX and VP of Community at Bevy who’ll give us the run-down on CMX Summit Rise: 2021. In this episode, you’ll learn about the brave origins of CMX Summit and the pandemic-sized challenges experienced along the way. Community has taken the business world by storm and this year’s summit will ingrain the community in busines...

EP98: Using Community to Listen to your Customers w/ Molly Masterson

Jun 17 • 13:57
Today, we’re joined by Molly Masterson, Senior Program Manager, Community & Product Insights at Okta, an online identity management platform with over ten thousand B2B customers. Molly helped Okta identify the criteria and characteristics of people to nominate into their superusers program, which will invite community-based nominations next year. She also helps the Okta pr...

EP97- Community Stakeholder Buy-in Secrets w/ Sofia Rodriguez Mata

Jun 10 • 17:22
Today, we’re joined by Sofia Rodriguez Mata, Director of Community at Venafi, a cybersecurity company that protects machine identity and ensures safe machine-to-machine connections and communication. Sofia talks about her career growth in the community space and how Venafi realizes the power and the energy of their community. Sofia also describes the challenges she has fac...

EP96- Automated Community Management w/ Maddie Bertschmann

Jun 3 • 14:21
Today, we’re joined by Maddie Bertschmann, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Global SMB at Braze, a fast-growing B2B SaaS platform delivering powerful, relevant, and personalized customer experiences in real-time. She describes how soft launches and internal enablement in the pre-launch phase helped their Slack-based customer community channel, Bonfire, grow to 500 member...

EP95- How to Nurture a Community of Super Users w/ Andreia Tulcidás

May 27 • 16:43
Today, we’re joined by Andreia Tulcidás, Community Engagement Manager at OutSystems, an integrated app development platform with AI-powered tools and a cloud-native platform. Andreia talks about how OutSystems nurtures its community and cultivates super users to lead their community. She also shares actionable advice on creating a super user program using a purpose-oriente...

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