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Pioneering Running Coach Greg McMillan: Extraordinary is in All of Us

Jan 17 • 01:03:37

Greg McMillan didn’t set out to become one of the greatest running coaches in America. He started diving into the research in high school with a simple goal: to run faster. Fast forward three decades and McMillan has coached over 10,000 Boston Marathon qualifiers, 12 National Champions, and countless elite athletes competing at the Olympics and World Championships....

Tech Veteran Ime Archibong on Leading with Purpose

Nov 17 • 01:03:10

“Genius is everywhere.” An unsurprising phrase from someone like Ime Archibong who has had a front row seat to some of the greatest movements in tech over the past two decades....

Bailey Richardson: Building Communities that Get Together and Stay Together

Sep 22 • 01:17:15

Bailey Richardson grew up with a foundational belief “that you can make any future you want.” This “naive optimism,” as she calls it, led her to the startup world, where, in her early 20s, she became one of the first dozen employees at Instagram and worked closely with Prokit co-founder, David Swain....

EverAthlete founder Dr. Matt Smith: Mastering Movement, Strength, Breath and Why the Pros are Pros

Sep 16 • 01:14:20

Dr. Matt Smith helps the pros reach the highest levels, whether they’re competing at Ironman, chasing gold at the Mountain Bike World Championships, running Western States, or playing in the NBA or NFL. But at his training center and clinic, EverAthlete, he’s just as dedicated to training someone for an epic bucket list hike or helping another build the solid foundation th...

Rebecca Rusch: Be Good, Be Vulnerable and Don’t Stop Learning

Aug 19 • 01:13:04

Rebecca Rusch’s nickname is the Queen of Pain — for good reason. She has pushed herself to excel at every outdoor adventure imaginable, continuously reimagining what’s possible and leaving her mark on everything from mountain biking and adventure racing to solo pursuits in the Alaskan wilderness. ...

WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson on Running and the Future of Media

Jun 24 • 55:32

Wired’s chief editor, Nicholas Thompson, has thought a lot about the intersection of technology, media and society. As a long-time journalist and editor at the The New Yorker and Wired, Nick can talk about media and tech the same way many pro athletes can recount in vivid detail a moment from an event that happened decades ago. ...

Pro Cyclist Sarah Sturm Does it Her Way

Jun 15 • 01:02:53

Sarah Sturm, aka Sturmy, is an all-in, full of emotion, badass. She packs a big smile with an unconventional approach that has led her to the podium of cycling’s biggest adventures on anything with two wheels. But unlike so many data-obsessed pro athletes, Sarah does things mostly by feel. So much so that when her new bike came with a power meter, she told her coach to not...

Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar on Kindness and Finding your Path

Jun 8 • 01:03:35

Sarah Friar joined us for this podcast a few weeks before the current events related to George Floyd and race in America. While our minds and hearts are elsewhere, the common threads in Sarah’s journey on charting your path and kindness are important to spotlight. ...

Sarah Piampiano-Lord, from 100-hour weeks to the top of Triathlon

May 19 • 01:05:31

Sarah Piampiano-Lord (@spiampiano) is one of the top triathletes in the world, finishing first or second in 7 of the eleven 70.3 and Ironman races she entered in 2019. Ten years ago, she was a 30-year-old, cigarette-smoking investment banker who worked 100+ hour weeks and barely exercised. ...

Dr. Megan Roche and David Roche on Running, Coaching and Finding your Why

May 4 • 01:06:50

Dr. Megan Roche (@meganroche) and David Roche (@davidroche) have made their mark on the trail running world. While they have street cred through national titles and Trail Runner of the Year awards, it’s their contributions to the running community as coaches, authors and purveyors of the Happy Runner mindset where their impact extends far. ...

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