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The Collective Podcast brings you bi-weekly episodes of entertaining, informative, honest discussions with creative industry professionals from around the world. Created and hosted by designer/director Ash Thorp, he aims to explore the struggles of work/life balance and to share the experiences ofRead more

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Ep. 230 - Johannes Lindqvist

Jun 9 • 02:43:38
Creative artist Johannes Lindqvist joins us this week to discuss sharing knowledge, the downfall of comparing yourself to other artists, and finding where your intuition comes from. We dig into how we navigate client work, which will be great info for any artists who are just starting out in the industry. This is a huge episode, so strap in!


Johannes’ Behance: h...

Ep. 229 - Aaron Brimhall

May 26 • 01:32:23
Automotive photographer Aaron Brimhall joins us this week to discuss his process in creating a unique look for his photography, capturing the energy of a scene within a set of photos, and finding a perfect work/life balance which works for him and his family.


Aaron’s Website:

Aaron’s Instagram: https://www.instagra…om/aaronbhall/?hl=en

Ep. 228 - Filipe Carvalho

May 11 • 01:46:27
Designer and director Filipe Carvalho joins us this week, (six years since his last appearance on the podcast!) to discuss his new company Foreign Affairs, becoming a father, and all about his experience winning an Emmy.


Filipe’s Website: http://www.randomtho…
Filipe’s Twitter:…lipecarvalho?lang=en
Filipe’s Instagram: https...

Ep. 227 - Gavin Rothery

Apr 14 • 02:37:49
Director Gavin Rothery joins us this week to discuss his experience directing his first feature length film, Archive. He comes equipped with all kinds of extraordinary knowledge and stories from the past year, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into his film. We’re so excited to share this episode with you all, as this is an incredible look into what it means to be a filmmake...

Ep. 226 - Arsen Asyrankulov

Mar 30 • 01:41:24
2D and 3D concept artist Arsen Asyrankulov joins us this week to discuss his unique creative style and workflow, his interesting artistic journey, and all of the various influences which have culminated in his beautiful art.


Arsen’s ArtStation:
Arsen’s Instagram: https://www.instagra…n_asyrankulov/?hl=en


Ep. 225 - Glyn Dillon

Mar 16 • 01:41:49
All-around artistic mastermind Glyn Dillon joins us this week to discuss his experiences working on multiple Star Wars films as a costume designer and concept artist, how his career has progressed throughout the years, and how his love of comics has played a big part of his artistic endeavors.


Glyn on Wikipedia:

Glyn’s IMDb: h...

Ep. 224 - Steve Wang

Mar 2 • 01:58:11
Concept artist Steve Wang joins us this week to discuss his path through different art schools, how he’s grown as an artist and freelancer, and how he plans to adapt his creative style to achieve the goals he’s set out for himself as a creative.


Steve’s Website:
Steve’s ArtStation:
Steve’s Instagram: https://w...

Ep. 222 - Khyzyl Saleem

Feb 3 • 01:56:45
Concept designer and car guru Khyzyl Saleem joins us this week to discuss his philosophies on passion, integrity, and being genuine to what matters to you. We also discuss the process by which Khyzyl breaks out of his comfort zone, in pursuit of furthering himself and his creative process. Lots of car talk in this one!


Khyzyl’s Artstation: https://www.artstation...

Ep. 221 - Michael Tucker

Jan 20 • 01:50:19
Filmmaker and essayist Michael Tucker joins us to discuss his ongoing project, Lessons From The Screenplay, how he got started in creating video essays, what it’s been like building such a prominent YouTube channel and community, and all about some of our favorite films and screenplays.


Michael’s Website: https://www.lessonsf…
Michael’s Instag...

Ep. 220 - Mike Hill

Jan 6 • 02:28:03
------- Ep. 220 - Mike Hill ---------

Design consultant Mike Hill joins us for the third time on the podcast to discuss a lot of bigger picture concepts. We jump right into where things are in the state of society and the internet, our habits and evolution, and simply living and existing. Strap in!

** SPOILER WARNING ** Joker spoilers toward the end (we’ll let you know when)...

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