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Short fiction torn from today’s headlines. Each week, our favorite authors write an original story inspired by the news. Featuring Curtis Sittenfeld, Roxane Gay, Colum McCann, Carmen Maria Machado and more. Because in a world gone haywire, sometimes art is the only thing to make sense of it all.Read more

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The Chronicles of Now Presents: Storybound

Dec 8 • 38:11

The Chronicles of Now presents a special episode from Storybound, a radio theater program designed for the podcast age. Listeners are treated to their favorite authors and writers reading some of their most impactful stories, designed with powerful and immersive sound environments. ...

Tommy Orange: Reopening

Sep 2 • 20:12

As schools reopen across the country, parents are facing another round of pandemic fear and uncertainty: How safe will their kids be and for how long? And can life—and work—finally take on some semblance of normalcy? Tommy Orange, the bestselling author of There There, asks a more salient and troubling question: What are the kids thinking? ...

Dantiel W. Moniz: What You Make It

Aug 26 • 17:28

As protests erupted across the nation this summer, heavily armed militias stood off against Black Lives Matter supporters in some cities. In July, a Florida sheriff even threatened to deputize all civilian gun owners to protect Jacksonville from protesters. Dantiel W. Moniz, the author of the upcoming story collection Milk Blood Heat, takes this trend to its chilling concl...

Laura van den Berg: 3D

Aug 19 • 18:24

Now that Joe Biden has selected a female VP and finally claimed the nomination, can we talk about his long, weird, handsy history with women? Laura van den Berg, the author of the new story collection I Hold a Wolf by the Ears, explores why some women risked all in coming forward with stories about Biden. And more importantly, what we can learn from them today. ...

Curtis Sittenfeld: Breeze Point

Aug 12 • 18:43

The most uplifting news of the past six months? Two giant pandas in Hong Kong finally mate after ten years, when their zoo is closed to visitors due to Covid. But what if there was another reason it took so long for them to get into the mood? An alternate history of panda passion by Curtis Sittenfeld, the bestselling author of six novels, including most recently, Rodham....

Hannah Lillith Assadi: The People of Music

Aug 5 • 23:12

The New York Times recently revealed a top-secret Pentagon unit tasked with investigating encounters between UFOs and military pilots. Which got Hannah Lillith Assadi, the author of Sonora, wondering: If aliens touch down on earth in the near future, what will they find? And more importantly, what will they do?Narrated by Soneela Nankani. Hosted by Ashley C. Ford....

John Wray: Status Report

Jul 29 • 13:46

In late June, President Trump visited Yuma, Arizona to celebrate 200 new miles of border wall declaring, “It stopped COVID, it stopped everything.” John Wray, the acclaimed author of five novels, including most recently Godsend, imagines what the border barrier will look like long after Trump, in say, 2056—what will be standing, whom it will protect, how much it will matte...

J. Courtney Sullivan: Proof

Jul 22 • 17:15

Three billion birds have gone missing in North America over the past 50 years. Or is that fake news? J. Courtney Sullivan, the New York Times bestselling author of five novels, including her most recent, Friends and Strangers, tells the stories of two sisters forever connected by birds and forever divided by politics....

Ben Fountain: Rules of Special Measures

Jul 13 • 18:20

What if instead of dropping off our stereos, cocktail sets and coffee tables, all those sleek white vans that sneak through our streets took our possessions away? You might call them "Recovery Operations," imagines Ben Fountain, the award-winning author of Billy Flynn's Long Halftime Walk, and most recently, Beautiful Country Burn Again. In a time of national crisis, isn't...

Manuel Gonzales: The Extinction Show

Jul 8 • 12:40

Who knew extinction could be the hottest ticket in town? Manuel Gonzales, the author of The Regional Office Is Under Attack! and The Miniature Wife, imagines a time when people pay to attend Extinction Witnessing Events. It’s a dark, far-fetched idea. And uncomfortably plausible. Just remember: the larger and more beautiful the animal (say, your Amur Leopards and Asian Ele...

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