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ABOUT THE PODCASTWe live in a world that whispers that you’re not enough. That you are defeated. That you are disqualified because of your past. These lies are everywhere, everyday. You read about them, hear about them, and interact with them. But Christine Caine is here to speak above that noiseRead more

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EP 161 Freedom is Already Yours

Nov 29 • 25:32

Are you living a life rooted in victory, or are you living a life striving for victory? If you are a follower of Jesus, victory has already been won for you. Victory over your past hurt, over your brokenness, over every setback and hurdle that may still be to come. As a child of God, you do not have to strive for victory - you can walk confidently in freedom. The victory t...

EP 160 Rest that Recharges Your Life

Nov 25 • 25:18

If we don’t learn to rest, we will burn out. We will run out of motivation, willpower, ambition, and strength to just keep trying a little harder. But here’s the good news - God never burns out. He is capable enough and strong enough to carry our burdens for us, to fill us with his strength, to drop the solutions we’re looking for into our minds, and to renew our passion w...

EP 159 How to Get Unstuck

Nov 22 • 25:23

Why are you holding yourself back from the life you long for? From an abundant life full of joy and purpose. From the new career you want to explore, the deeper friendships you long for, a college degree or a healthy loving relationship. Is it because you don’t feel qualified or think that you don’t have what it takes? Maybe it’s because you’re afraid you’ll lose friends b...

EP 158 You were Created on Purpose for a Purpose

Nov 18 • 25:32

How you see yourself has a massive impact on how you live your life - the choices you make, the dreams you pursue, and the legacy you leave. So I wonder: how do you see yourself? Do you believe you just happen to be alive on the earth at this moment in time? Or do you believe God created you on purpose, with a purpose, for such a time as this? Only one of those is true, an...

EP 157 Will You Do It Afraid?

Nov 15 • 25:07

Do you have big dreams, long to make a difference for the Kingdom, but find yourself holding back because you think you’re too regular, your life too ordinary, or your abilities too small? I have good news for you - God has only ever used ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He takes what the world considers a “nobody” and turns them into a “somebody.” And their par...

EP 156 The Key to Living a Passionate Life

Nov 11 • 24:47

There’s something we can do—something that God calls us all to do—that will keep us living with joy and purpose and youthful zeal for the rest of our lives—and that’s caring for the condition of our heart. Heart health in the natural realm helps us lead a long and strong life, and a spiritually healthy heart leads us to live a strong life filled with a passion and energy t...

EP 155 Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Nov 8 • 25:40

Our identity is shaped by so many things, but one significant factor is where we’re from. Our home impacts so much of how we think, act, and live. While this may be challenging from an earthly perspective if our homes are not loving places, as Christians our true homes are actually all in heaven. And this truth changes everything. When we shift our perspective from earthly...

EP 154 What Seems Unlikely to You is Highly Likely to God

Nov 4 • 25:45

Do you ever think it would be much easier just to give up on your hopes and dreams because they seem too far-fetched? Maybe you feel it was foolish to think that God would use you in a powerful way or to believe he would make a way where you can’t see one? We’ve likely all had thoughts like this at some point. And these thoughts can help us see what’s really going on: we’r...

EP 153 Faith for the Life You Were Made to Live

Nov 1 • 26:26

God has put us on this earth to be lights in dark places, to be conduits of His love to people, and to make an impact for the Kingdom. But living a life of impact is not always going to be easy and it’s not always going to be comfortable - it will require faith. We’ll have to take some risks by stepping out to go where God wants us to go and to do what he asks us to do. Wi...

EP 152 How to Stop Striving for Your Purpose

Oct 28 • 25:49

Waiting on God is one of the most important things we will ever learn to do. Waiting well leads us to spiritual maturity, develops our reliance on God, builds faith, and infuses us with courage. And waiting on God will take us further than we could ever take ourselves on our own. So what stops us from waiting? Oftentimes, it’s impatience and selfish ambition. On the surfac...

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